Biden’s Addled Brain: Communists Will Be Running the Looming Administration

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Biden’s Big Blind Spot

Even before half-century-politician Joe Biden announced his run for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination – I said he would win said nomination.

Because the Party’s legacy voter base – hadn’t paid attention to what the Party has become.  And wouldn’t like what they otherwise saw in their primary field – at all.  And would be looking for ANYONE who predated what the Party had become.

Many years before the Communists’ recent self-outings all over the country – with the riots, and lootings, and burnings – they had quietly and successfully taken over the Democrat Party.

Communism is highly reflective of the Twitter screechers.  It is highly unreflective of legacy Democrat voters.

A large plurality (small majority?) of Democrat voters – are legacy Democrat voters.  They vote Democrat – because their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did.  Most pay very little attention to the news – and enter the polling booth on autopilot.

What these legacy Democrat voters had missed – is the takeover of their Party by the Communists their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fought in multiple wars.

Looks like the Domino Theory was correct.  We didn’t stop the Communists there – and they ended up conquering us here.

Had average Democrat voters been paying attention all these long years – they more than likely would have done something to stop the Communists from commandeering their Party.  (It’s way too late now.)

But they certainly received pungent wafts of Marxism everywhere they sniffed during their primary.  So they played what they thought was the chronological safety – and nominated Biden.

Biden has been a Democrat elected official – FOREVER.  So legacy Democrats voted for him – hoping his endless tenure would mean his agenda would predate the coming of the Communists.

What we didn’t know before Biden announced – and what the media tried and is still trying like crazy to hide – is the man is clearly suffering from a profound and ongoing diminishment of his mental capacities.

Here is an eleven-plus minute clip of unrepeated Biden gaffes.  Over and over and over again, Biden can not complete a simple thought…a simple sentence.  He can’t even successfully read a teleprompter.  He’s clearly very addled.

And a combination of media malpractice and legacy Democrat desperation – has made him the Democrat presidential nominee anyway.

(Please know I feel awful highlighting Biden’s incapacity.  But I didn’t nominate him for the most important gig on the planet, so I must do the uncomfortable….)

So the question is begged: Who will actually be running the Biden Administration?  Because it quite clearly will not be Biden.

Whatever woman of color Biden chooses as his Veep – the policy ship has sailed.  As the old saw goes – personnel is policy:

“Campaign staff plays an important role in the presidential primaries. The makeup of a candidate’s staff can signal the strength of their support from influential party activists and whether they are aligning with a particular faction or group within the party.”

And the only people with resumes in the Democrat inbox – are Communists.

And Biden, Inc must continue courting the Communists – because their general election votes are by no means assured.

Oh – and then there’s this:

Joe Biden Is Not Moderate. He’s Far, Far Left

‘Moderate’ Joe Biden Is Just as Much a Socialist as Crazy Bernie

We ran the numbers.  While serving concurrently in the Senate, Biden’s voting record was actually to the Left of Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

So legacy Democrat voters – will not be getting the non-Communism for which they thought they voted.  (Which the media is also desperately trying to keep undiscovered.)

We tried to warn everyone the Barack Obama Administration – for which Biden served as Vice President – was super-saturated with Communists.  Now some old hires – are becoming new hires.

Obama Veteran Anita Dunn Gets More Prominent Role in Biden Campaign Shake-Up

Anita Dunn ring any bells?

Biden 2020 Senior Adviser Anita Dunn’s Favorite Philosopher: China’s Communist Homicidal Maniac Chairman Mao Zedong Who Killed 80 Million Of His Own People

How very moderate.

Take a look at the Biden campaign’s nuts-and-bolts staff.  It is an over-population of non-moderate crazies running the Biden show.

Take a look at what little Biden has managed to coherently say.  None of it is remotely moderate.

Biden Uses Quote by Chinese Communist Mao During Fundraiser

(Donald) Trump Was Right: Biden First Said He’d Defund Police

Biden Promises to Put Beto O’Rourke in Charge of Gun Control

Beto O’Rourke ring any bells?

Beto Says Police Would Enforce Gun Confiscation Under His Buyback Plan: ‘There Have to Be Consequences’

How very Second Amendment.  Ummm…it’s not a “buyback” if we decline the purchase offer – and they then just take it.

And of course, there is very little Biden can coherently say.  So his non-moderate staff – must fill in the very many policy blanks.  Which ain’t great for, you know, freedom and stuff.

Biden’s Record-Setting Tax Increases Will Take Your Money – And Your Job

Joe Biden Supports Regulations That Would Destroy Entire Industries:

“If the American people let Joe Biden have his way with our economy, there will be unintended consequences – that could cost you your job.”

Speaking of regulations and taxes and jobs and stuff….

The Internet is 1/6th of our entire (once) $22 trillion economy.  And our Internet is in the midst of a third-of-a-billion-person acid test.

In the name of a flu, governments have forced massive economic shutdowns upon us.  Which has forced most of us to do MUCH more of what we do – online.

320+ million people – using MUCH more Internet bandwidth.  And our Internet – is handling the massive overload flawlessly.

Nevertheless, Biden, Inc not wanting to let a crisis go to waste….

Joe Biden: Coronavirus an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America

Biden, Inc is looking to Communist-ize an Internet.  That has spent the Flu Freakout!!! proving the capitalist Internet is just fine as is, thanks.

Biden’s Telecom Platform Hardens Around Net Neutrality

You know who likes Net Neutrality?  Communists.

Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet:

“Robert McChesney…is a college professor and an avowed Marxist (please pardon the redundancy) who found time in his rigorous collegiate indoctrination schedule to co-found a Marxist group disingenuously named Free Press.  Who are the leading agitators for maximum government control of the Web.

“McChesney is quite straightforward about Net Neutrality’s intent:

“‘(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.’

“How very Venezuela of them.

“McChesney views Net Neutrality as a part of his Socialist (re)construction project:

“‘There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.’

“How very Barack Obama-‘fundamental transformation’ of them.”

None of this Communism – is for what legacy Democrats voted.

But all of this Communism – is what legacy Democrats and the rest of us will get.

This first appeared in Red State.