Biden’s ‘Buy American?’ He’s Making It Impossible for Anything to Be Made in America

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Regulating ‘Made in America’ Out of Existence

Newly ensconced President Joe Biden is – with his mad flurry of Executive Orders (EOs) and actions – dramatically ramping up government in one large swath of the economy after another.

Biden’s America Last, Power-Grabbing Executive Action Blitzkrieg Will Only Get Worse

And here’s where it gets unintentionally, morosely hilarious:

Big Media is STILL pretending Hyper-Unilateral Biden is looking to lord over us – with anyone besides himself.

Biden’s Bipartisan Goals

Biden’s Bipartisan Push

Biden’s Push for Bipartisanship

Tests of Biden’s Leadership, and GOP’s Willingness to Cooperate, Come Quickly

The “GOP’s willingness to cooperate?”  With whom?  Biden’s doing everything all by his himself.

Why Biden’s Bipartisanship Hope Is Probably Already Lost

The “bipartisanship hope is probably already lost” because….

Biden Sets Record for Executive Orders in First Six Days in Office

Biden’s rapid-fire, all-encompassing assault on the private sector is making it dramatically more difficult to do any sort of business anywhere in America.

Biden Signals ‘New Direction’ on Regulations

What was Biden predecessor Donald Trump’s old direction?

Deregulation Nation: President Trump Cuts Regulations at Record Rate

Trump Administration Cuts Regulations and Lowers Costs for Americans

So Biden will add regulations and increase costs for Americans.  Got it.

Great News: Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp Up Regulations

And Blitzkrieg Biden’s hyper-power-grabbing is already having the unspoken desired effect.

Biden Is Already Making Your Life Worse

Three Ways the Biden Administration Will Make Things Worse for Working Americans

As New Biden Regulations Move Forward, There’s Fallout in Some Sectors

Biden’s Energy Executive Orders Will Have ‘Huge Costs’ on American Families

Biden Cabinet Picks Support $2 Trillion Carbon Tax

Biden Administration Is Contemplating a New Per-Mile-Driven Tax

All of the above makes this unintentionally, morosely hilarious:

Biden Signs Executive Order Intended to Promote ‘Buy American’ in Federal Procurement

How can anyone “Buy American” – when Biden is making it impossible for anything to be Made in America?

The Road to Hell is Paved with Regulations. And Taxes

Taxes and Regulations Cost We Consumers a Whole Lot of Money

The far-and-away most important manufacturing sector in the US – is food manufacturing.  We must maintain a robust and energetic ability to make food and feed ourselves.

How is our food manufacturing sector looking to fare under the Biden tax-and-regulatory onslaught?

Biden Set to Eviscerate US Farmers with Cabinet Picks and Their Policies

Farmers Brace for More Regulations Under Biden Administration

Farmers Wary of Biden Regulations

Farmers Fear Biden’s Climate Regulations Will Be ‘Hot Mess’ for Industry

Biden’s Tax Plan Looks to Rob Future Generations of Farmers

None of this seems at all positive for the people who feed us.

Last September, Pennsylvania farmer Julie Masser Ballay asked then-candidate Biden:

“Overregulation puts an extreme burden on small and family-owned farms and is a contributing factor to many farms going out of business. Policies during the Obama administration such as the rules under the Waters of the U.S. Act threaten to increase that regulation. As does policies proposed through the Green New Deal, which your climate plan embraces….

“How do you plan to decrease the regulatory burden on farmers and businesses as a whole.”

Biden’s answer was utterly incoherent, unrelated to anything Ms. Ballay asked – and filled-to-overflowing with lies.  In other words – a typical Biden response.

Well Ms. Ballay – you now have your actual answer.

I’m growing hungry.

We all will be….

This first appeared in Red State.