‘Build Back Better?’ The ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Was More ‘Climate Change’ Than Infrastructure

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
The Plan? Commit Unilateral Economic Suicide

We have repeatedly pointed out that the United States remains the only nation on the planet willing to damage its economy in the name of “climate change.”

‘Greenwash’: The US Is the Only Country Actually Engaged in Economic Suicide

The Latest Round of Global Climate Lie ‘Pledges’ from International Polluters

Democrats’ Climate Change Predictions May Not Materialize – But Their Taxes Undoubtedly Will

Sometimes the international hypocrisy is so glaring – it’s hysterical (in both senses of the word).

China’s Slave Labor, Coal-Fired, Mass-Subsidized Solar Panels Dominate the Planet

Domestic “climate change” alarmists remain steadfastly oblivious to all of the hollow international bloviating and sanctimony.  And continue to rigidly insist we cut our own throats – no matter what everyone else does or doesn’t do to theirs.  It’s almost as if their sole goal is to destroy America – not “save the planet.”

That seems to be the thinking behind the currently stalled “Build Back Better” bill.

Climate Provisions in Build Back Better Act Will Be Critical to Decarbonize US Economy

Nothing says “economic suicide” – like “decarbonize.”

But as the alarmists freak out about the bill’s current inertness….

Why the Collapse of Biden’s Build Back Better Would Be a Major Blow to the Climate Fight

What they don’t tell you is – the alleged “Infrastructure Bill” that passed last year was actually more “climate change” than infrastructure.

Infrastructure Bill Leads to the Largest Climate Change Initiative US Has Seen

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes $50 Billion to Fight Climate Change Disasters

Infrastructure Bill: $1 Trillion for Clean Energy, Internet, Trains and More:

“$73 billion for clean energy….”

Get that?  $50 billion for “climate resilience” – plus $73 billion for “clean energy.”  That alone is $123 billion on “climate change.”  In an alleged infrastructure bill – that only spent $110 billion on infrastructure.

That’s on top of the trillions of dollars we’ve already spent in the name of “climate change.”  And how’s that going?  How are we doing in addressing “climate change?”

Already Too Late: IPCC Report Says Global Warming Consequences Now Unavoidable

Scientists Say It Is Too Late to Stop Climate Change

It’s Too Late For Us to Fight Climate Change. Instead, Here’s How We’ll Spend Our Lives:

“”My wife and I will leave it to someone else to try and avoid disaster….”

We certainly know how the world’s other biggest economies plan to spend their lives: Leaving it to someone else….

China Is Still Building an Insane Number of New Coal Plants

Why China Is Suddenly Buying Record Amounts Of American Crude Oil

Russia Bets Big on Coal, Gas, Fossil Fuels, and Not on Renewables

Coal Is King in India – and Will Likely Remain So

India’s Demand for Oil Will Have Big Consequences for the Middle East

China to Ease Energy Use Curbs to Relieve Economic Pressures:

“China will loosen blanket restrictions on energy consumption in order to ensure environmental and climate targets do not erode future economic growth….”

Russia Is Ignoring Climate Change

Russia’s Dirty Gas Is Keeping Europe From Freezing Over

Russia and India Veto UN Resolution Linking Climate Change and Security

We’ll waste many additional months trying to pass “Build Back Better” – so as to spend many hundreds of billions more on “climate change.”  While the rest of the world goes about its regular carbon business – doing nothing about “climate change.”

So, let’s do this….

Trump Trade Principles to Mitigate the Climate Alarmists and Their Many Taxes:

“We have been artificially, dramatically increasing the cost of our energy, while no other country really has.

“Which is a de facto subsidy.  By every other country — for every product they export to us.

“Because everything they do is cheaper than everything we do.  Everything they make is cheaper than everything we make.

“How should we rectify this idiocy?  How do we get to global climate change even-ness?”

Build Back Never: Let’s Carbon Tax Them – Not US:

“The Democrats’ Build Back Never bill — oops, I mean Build Back Better (BBB) — has LOTS of new taxes in it.  And there’s another tax Democrats have been struggling mightily to add: a carbon tax.

“What’s a carbon tax?:

“‘A carbon tax is paid by businesses and industries that produce carbon dioxide through their operations. The tax is designed to reduce the output of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, a colorless and odorless incombustible gas, into the atmosphere. The tax is imposed with the goal of environmental protection.’…

“The bill will already be dramatically diminishing our economy in the name of the environment — so why pile on even more with a carbon tax?

“Given the entire planet shares the same climate, shouldn’t we instead impose a carbon tax on countries doing FAR less self-flagellation than are we in the name of addressing climate change?….

“We’re the only country imposing any real economic limits in the name of climate change.

Therefore, we should be the only country NOT paying a carbon tax.”

Let’s impose Trump-esque border tariffs on the planet’s biggest economies – doing the smallest amount in the name of “climate change.”