DC Rushes to Restore Globalist Fake ‘Free Trade’ – To the Great Detriment of We the People

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Ce N’est Pas Bon.  No Mas, Por Favor.

Nearly everyone in DC – Left, Center and Right – is working as hard as possible to as rapidly as possible erase Donald Trump from history.

DC wants everyone to forget Trump’s exposure of their $5-trillion-a-year corrupt graft racket.  So DC can get back to their $5-trillion-a-year corrupt graft racket – completely unencumbered by Trump’s spotlight and opposition.

DC wants to get back to getting bribed by Big Business to allow nigh unlimited foreigners to come in and take blue collar gigs from We the People.

DC wants to get back to getting bribed by Big Tech to allow nigh unlimited foreigners to come in and take white collar gigs from We the People.

And DC wants to get back to being bribed by…everyone in the US except We the People – to return to shipping hundreds of millions of jobs out of the US.  Via DCs woefully awful globalist fake “free trade.”  To which DC has subjected us for decades.

Strong Support for Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority

NAFTA Was a Bipartisan Effort

Bipartisan Agreement Gives Trade Pact a Boost

Exit Trump – Reenter the Globalists.

Trump Trade: DC Needs to Do Just About Everything Differently

DC Globalists Are Already Trying to Reverse Trump’s Massively Successful Trade Policies

Exit America First – Reenter America Last.

America Last trade means…:

“Lots of tariffs on our stuff – with little or no reciprocal tariffs from US.

“Lots of import limits on our stuff – with little or no reciprocal limits from US….

“Lots of countries mass-subsidize lots of their exports.  Which artificially lowers the mass-subsidized exports’ prices when they hit the global market.”

All of which makes it nigh impossible to keep in the US businesses and the jobs they provide.

If you stay, you get very limited, highly tariffed access to comparatively tiny foreign markets.

If you leave, you get unlimited, un-tariffed access to the US’s world’s-largest-market – and you get subsidized by foreign governments to boot.

US businesses have found it nigh impossible to compete against all of this.  And since they can’t beat it – they join it.  They have left the country by the tens of millions.

Stupid Trade Policy Isn’t the Only Reason We Lose Jobs – But It’s a Big One

DC likes to pretend the many decades of this America Last nonsense is “free trade.”

Trump’s Attacks on Free Trade

Beware the Trump Trade Trap

Trump’s Dangerous Free Trade Policies

Trade Wars: The Collapse of America’s Free Trade Consensus

Bipartisan Support for Free Trade Has Been Left Behind

When of course decades’ worth of DCs “free trade” – has been the fakest of fake “free trade.”

And it has cost us hundreds of millions of jobs.

Lower Wage Americans LOVE Fair Trade and Rigid Immigration Enforcement

So very few of us are willing to point out the DC Fake “Free Trade” Emperor is stark naked.

Leftist organization Public Citizen does so.  And they’ve just issued a report chronicling some of the dumbness of DC’s fake “free trade.”

Unfortunately, they’re Leftist.  So of course they, unfortunately, have to put everything through a racist, dishonest prism.  Even when the Left is right – they do it wrong.

Trade Discrimination

“The disproportionate, underreported damage to U.S. Black and Latino workers from U.S. trade policies….

“The damage caused by the corporate-led hyper-globalization that has been implemented over the past decades by ‘trade’ agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and NAFTA-style free trade agreements (FTAs) has been well documented — from mass job offshoring to unreliable supply chains to downward pressure on wages to weakened consumer and environmental protections.

“In his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump hijacked progressives’ critique of corporate globalization and job offshoring, but reframed it into a narrative of resentment with racialized appeals to target white working-class voters.”

Of course Trump did neither of these things.

Here’s Trump in 1988 on The Oprah Winfrey Show – saying the exact same thing about fake “free trade” then as he did in 2016 and does now.

And Trump promised his policies – trade and otherwise – would help blacks and Hispanics too.  Remember “What the hell do you have to lose?”  He ran on fixing trade – not fixing white-working-class trade.

Public Citizen’s racist report reports:

“‘Black workers have lost nearly half a million manufacturing jobs (494,000) during the NAFTA-WTO era,’ the report says, while Latinos lost 123,000 jobs in the decline of the U.S. appliance and equipment industries, and 182,700 jobs from textiles, apparel and leather manufacturing.

“And those workers are also overrepresented in many of the service sector jobs that have been sent overseas, it adds, like call center and customer service jobs.”

Well Trump changed DC trade – and many, many other America Last policies.  How’d Blacks and Hispanics do as a result?

Trump’s Economy Is Historically Good for Minorities

Celebrating the Rise of Minority-Owned Businesses

Black and Hispanic Unemployment Is at a Record Low

Minority Women Are Winning the Jobs Race in a Record Economic Expansion

Oh look – women too.

Black Workers’ Wages Are Finally Rising

Hispanics Flourishing in Trump Economy

Blacks and Hispanics seemed to know to whom to give the credit – and their votes.

Why Trump Won a Larger Share of the Black Vote in 2020

Trump’s Gains with Hispanic Voters Should Prompt Some Progressive Rethinking

Leftists aren’t the only ones who should be rethinking things regarding Trump.

The DC Republican Establishment specifically – and DC generally – shouldn’t be erasing Trump and his policies.

They should all be embracing them.

But that would cost all of them a LOT of coin, so….

This first appeared in Red State.