Great News: Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp Up Regulations

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Addled – and Aggressively Regulatory

Happy New Year, All.

Biden Builds Team to Get Aggressive on Regs:

“President-elect Joe Biden is building a team of seasoned government professionals who can help him embark on an aggressive regulatory agenda once he takes office.”

The fact that much of what Biden, Inc wants to do Constitutionally requires preceding legislation from the Legislative Branch – doesn’t seem to bother anyone involved:

“Biden will face a divided Senate when he takes office that could be controlled by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) depending on the outcome of two Jan. 5 runoff elections in Georgia.

“This will make moving legislation difficult, and will almost certainly force Biden to lean on executive actions and regulatory work — both to accomplish his own agenda and dismantle President Trump’s.”

Speaking of President’s Trump’s agenda….

The Trump Transition: Away from Enormous, Terrible, Top-Down Government

Trump Cuts 22 Regs for Every New One

Donald Trump Celebrates Record Success in Cutting Regulations

How did Trump’s less regulations do for We the People?  That is, prior to the titanically stupid government lockdowns in the name of the China Virus?

Ten Reasons Trump Economy Is Best in Fifty Years

Probably longer that that.  And Trump’s regulation cuts were a key reason why.

Trump’s Roaring Economy Proves: Obama-Democrat Big Government – Doesn’t Work:

“Obama never, ever had a year of at least 2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth – the first president in our history to achieve such ignominy.  A pathetic paltriness Obama said was ‘The new normal.’…

“Enter Trump.  Trump immediately began slashing regulations – at a tremendous pace….

“Trump’s economic results are in – and they have been extraordinary and fantastic….

“Trump’s ‘Let’s have government do less’ approach – has already proven to be a roaring success.

“We need to apply this less government approach – to EVERYTHING.”

But that is precisely the opposite of what the Biden, Inc approach will be.  About which we have repeatedly warned.

Biden’s ‘Unity’ – Unites Leftists and Government Bureaucrats Against US

Biden’s Addled Brain: Communists Will Be Running the Looming Administration

Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’: His Endless Government Assaults Will Make Building America Impossible

To sum up the difference between Trump and Biden, Inc:

“Trump wants to rebuild America.  Biden wants to rebuild DC.

“Trump built America – by undoing what Obama-Biden did to build DC.

“Obama-Biden added millions of pages of regulations.  Trump has repealed millions of pages of regulations.  Biden wants to add them back…and then some….

“Trump delivered less DC – which created more America.

“Biden wants to deliver more DC – which will destroy much of America.”

The key to our economy not imploding completely during the titanically stupid government lockdowns – has been the Internet.

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

Shutdowns Yet Again Demonstrate: Our Internet Works – and Big Government Doesn’t:

“(T)here’s the government-assaulting-work-and-workers idiocy….

“New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on Work-from-Home Tax Dispute with Massachusetts:

“‘The shift to working from home is leading to a heated debate between states over how to tax workers….’

“Appearing…on CNBC, Republican Sununu was spectacular:

“‘(Big government New York and Massachusetts) are coming after our citizens – and we’re going to put up a fight.…’

“‘Covid has changed the dynamic in so many ways.  Whether it’s families and businesses moving into New Hampshire – people understanding they can work remotely with the good quality of life we provide here.  No income tax, no sales tax, great schools, safe state.…’

“See how matter-of-factly Sununu references ‘people…can work remotely?’  He can do that because  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – combined with the less government federal policies…have made working remotely a matter of fact.

“More Sununu on the fabulous success of ISPs and less government:

“‘People realize that working remotely is possible.  You can have all that connectivity in a place like New Hampshire but not have to be in the dire straits of a New York City or Boston or Seattle or San Francisco.  Folks are moving here.  They’re working remotely.  They can stay with their business anywhere in the country – but still be right here in tax-free New Hampshire….

“‘We’re booming.  We’re absolutely booming.  (People) are coming (to New Hampshire) from all across the country….Let’s say you’re in New York.  You have a mayor that doesn’t know what he’s doing.  You have years of terrible policy out of Albany (New York’s state capital).

“‘People have choices.  And 2020 is making them drive to those decisions.  It’s like they put a big sign on the Brooklyn Bridge that said – ‘Last one out turn out the lights.’  And everyone is finally saying ‘Look, we’re going to come up to a place like New Hampshire…, where we can have that connectivity….

“‘Young families are finally realizing: Why pay all this money for (big government states’ lack of) quality of life – when we can still be connected, but be in a place like New Hampshire where they’re not hitting us with taxes, the government doesn’t get in our way.  It’s a government that promotes business – not fights it.’”

Biden, Inc’s hyper-regulatory government – will wage war on business.  Including the business of connecting We the People to the Internet.

Bringing Back Net Neutrality Rules Is High on Biden’s Tech Agenda

For the Internet, it doesn’t get any bigger Big Government Big Regs – than Net Neutrality.

Even more of Biden, Inc “get(ting) aggressive on regs” that they have promised – and about which we have warned.

It’s going to be a LOOOOOOOONG four years.

Happy New Year, All.

This first appeared in Red State.