If Import Tariffs Hurt Your ‘Domestic Industry’ – It Ain’t a Domestic Industry

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As we’ve oft discussed, the United States has spent the last half-century-plus exporting millions of companies – and with them tens of millions of jobs.

Our idiotic regulatory, tax and trade policies have made the US inhospitable to manufacturing specifically – and commerce generally.

We have been incessantly beating businesses about the head and shoulders with government bats.  Then we’ve had the audacity to pretend to be surprised when they’ve left the country.

Those with the bats aren’t actually surprised – because that’s been the point of the beatings.  Multinational corporations have long been bribing US government officials for policies that grease the skids for their exits.  And US government officials have been most amenable.

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This idiotic premise has been our idiotic premise for so long, most people don’t realize it – and act and react within its idiotic parameters.  As the saying goes: Fish don’t know they’re wet.

Those of us who recognize the moisture – have been trying to dry out the rest of the populace.

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To very little avail.  In our defense, going up against fifty-plus-years’ worth of indoctrination by radical government schools and universities – all promulgated and funded by DC – was never a winning proposition.

When We the Dry say:

“Perhaps we should try to even out the globalist playing field – just a little – with some domestic assistance?  Or impose some import tariffs on nations that massively subsidize their products – and don’t give a rat’s posterior about the environment or anything else in whose names we so hyperactively, unilaterally cripple our economy?

And when we point out the quite obvious results of DC’s awful policies?

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And when we point out the extremely awful extent of DC’s awful policies

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And when we endorse the US do something – anything – about all of it?

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DC goes into overdrive – to protect their cronyism-infested, America Last idiocy.

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DC Conservatives are not immune to the idiocy.  Get this complete lack of situational awareness….

A Tariff Is a Tax:

“If we buy a good mainly from China, and the U.S. government imposes a tariff on that Chinese good, the good will be more expensive. So, we’ll buy less from China….”

Ummm…YEAH.  To inform the woefully uninformed – that’s a GOOD thing.

Buying it instead from a US producer – is the BEST thing.  But DC’s warped, lying definition of “domestic industry” – means made almost entirely somewhere else.

How ‘America First’ Crippled the Nation’s Solar Industry:

“Trump’s tariffs were meant to save the sector. They undermined it instead.”

Ummm…what’s a tariff?:

“A list of taxes placed by a government on goods coming into a country.”

So if a “domestic industry” – was actually a domestic industry?  It wouldn’t be paying any tariffs.  Because duh.

Of course, this is DC – where everything is a lie:

“There are all sorts of ways to get around DC’s very few ‘Made in America’ requirements.  Mostly because DC is bribed by Big Business – to ensure that there are all sorts of ways to get around DC’s very few “Made in America” requirements.

“Chief amongst them is what we’ll now coin as Last Step Domestic.  Which is: The vast majority of something’s manufacture is done overseas.  At which point that something is imported, two screws are tightened – and voila, it’s ‘Made in America.’

“Our ‘domestic’ solar panel industry is almost entirely made up of this sort of chicanery.  And almost all of the foreign portions of the fake “domestic” solar industry – happen in Communist China.”

Which is how tariffs – in DC, and only in DC – can cripple the US’s allegedly “domestic” solar industry:

“If your ‘domestic industry’ is so heavily reliant on foreign imports?  It isn’t really a domestic industry.”

Because duh.

Oh – and when your US domestic industry is actually a domestic industry?

‘Made in America’ – Can It Work?:

“The cost of the (Made in America) home, by the way, nearly identical to what it would have cost – running about 1% more they tell us right now.”

They built an entire, truly “Made in America” house – for basically the same price as the Globalist Abode.

And that’s with all of DC working and plotting against America.

Imagine if DC would help US – even just a little….