Leftists Are Stupid and They Lie. It’s Their Jam

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
‘Mostly Peaceful’ – Is Yet Another Stupid Lie

Leftists aren’t very bright.

Ok – let’s not beat around the bush.  They’re idiots.

Well, rank-and-file Leftists are idiots.

The Leftist leadership isn’t smart – so much as they are cunning.

They know collectivism – Socialism, Communism, Marxism, whatever – doesn’t work.

But they’ll ensure they’re taken care of after the inevitable collapse.  So they don’t mind the abject horror the rest of us will endure.

Communist Hugo Chavez destroyed Venezuela.  But his daughter is the nation’s richest person.  Shocker.

The Leftist leadership views the Leftist rank-and-file as cannon fodder.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t in the streets burning cities – and running the risk of getting shot.  Their rank-and-file are.  (Joe Biden doesn’t know on what street he lives, so….)

This Leftist division of labor is nothing new.  In World War II, the Soviet Union’s Joe Stalin cleared minefields by marching troops through them.

To be this susceptible to control – the Leftist rank-and-file has to be stupid.  Intelligent people aren’t nearly so malleable – or ready to believe in such clearly stupid ideologies.

And stupidity – is pervasive.  It exudes from everything Leftists do.

Which is helpful in at least one way.  It makes them very easy to spot.

Behold this moron from late last week….

U.S. Cable Broadband Monopolies Close In On 70% Broadband Market Share

Stupid people do not know what words mean.  Or possess the mental capacity to look them up.  And in the Internet Age – that is really pathetic.

Ummm…”monopoly” – can not be thusly pluralized.  It reminds of a scene from the cinematic excursion Airheads.


“‘The Lone Rangers?’  That’s original.  How can you pluralize ‘The Lone Rangers?’…There’s three of you.  You’re not exactly ‘lone.’”

Let us check in with Merriam Webster and his dictionary.

Monopoly: “Exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action.”

Just to be sure….

Exclusive: “Excluding others from participation.”

So “monopoly”…can not be pluralized.  To pluralize it – is stupid.

Let us further explore this Leftist’s foray into idiocy:

“(T)he cable industry is nearing a 70% market share over fixed line broadband.”

Again…a monopoly – is 100%.  By one company.  This moron is whining about multiple companies controlling 70% of the market – and calling it “monopolies.”  Because he’s a moron.

More from our Moron:

“That’s thanks to many reasons, not least of which being that most U.S. phone companies have effectively given up on seriously upgrading their aging DSL lines, driving a greater portion of Americans to the only companies actually offering modern broadband speeds….”

But DSL – is ancient technology.  It’s Jurassic Tech.  So – it’s relatively slow:

“‘DSL is an older technology that provides service over your old copper phone lines and is being phased out due to its relatively slower speeds,’ says Mark Lubow, a veteran cable and telecommunications expert who heads the Cloud11 consultancy in Atlanta.”

Get this – from November 7, 2012….

Hey DSL, It Is Time for Good-Bye:

“DSL speeds…started to fall behind the cable broadband speeds. DSL performance became spotty.”

Hey Moron – DSL was dying nearly a decade ago.

Phone companies have been instead focusing on newer tech – because it’s newer tech.

Like wireless cellular Internet.  You know – 4G (Fourth Generation)…and soon to be 5G.

Get this – from March 22, 2010.  More than a decade ago.

Can 4G Wireless Take on Traditional Broadband?:

“(A)s 4G wireless speeds continue to match speeds for traditional broadband, 4G wireless will serve as a viable replacement (for wired Internet)….”

Phone company 4G was competing with wired Internet – way back during Barack Obama’s first presidential term.

But our intrepid Moron – never mentions wireless.

He whines about phone companies’ lack of investment in ancient DSL.

While completely ignoring phone companies’ hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in state-of-the-art cellular.

Because our Moron is either again being exceedingly stupid – or lying his face off.

Because Leftists are not just exceedingly stupid – they lie their faces off.  And hope you’re at least as stupid as they are – because that’s the only way they can get away with it.

Lying by omission – ignoring readily obvious facts that destroy your attempted pseudo-journalistic assault – is lying.

And of course, by ignoring 4G wireless – our Moron can ignore 5G wireless.

Comparing 5G Speeds to 4G Speeds: How Fast Is It, Really?:

“The advent of 4G was itself a game changer in many ways….Right now, most of the connected world is used to 4G. And 4G is great. Our download speeds are faster than they’ve ever been before….

“But when put up against the expected average speeds of 5G, 4G wains in comparison.

“Take the nation’s fastest network, Verizon. It currently averages 4G speeds of 53.3 Mbps. But Verizon’s average 5G speeds will be between 713 Mbps and 1.07 Gbps! That’s well over 10 times faster! AT&T and T-Mobile are expected to have a similar jump.”

All of which is WAY more than fast enough to do just about anything any of us need to do.

None of which our Moron even even mentions.

Because our Moron is very, very stupid – and very, very dishonest.

And, of course, the half-dozen-or-so national wireless Internet companies – competing with the half-dozen-or-so national wired Internet companies (plus the satellite Internet companies) – has absolutely nothing to do with “monopolies.”

But our Moron is very, very stupid – and very, very dishonest.

This first appeared in Red State.