One Thing That Astoundingly Got Twice as Good During the Titanically Stupid Government Lockdowns?

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
The Dumbness Is Absolute

2020 has been a Status Quo Government-caused unmitigated disaster.

The China Virus is a mild irritant.  More deadly than the annual flu, to be sure.  But to the same vulnerable segments of the population to whom the annual flu is most damaging.  Thus we should have handled the China Flu – just as we always do any other flu.

But Status Quo Government rigidly insisted we not do so.  Because the most anti-Status Quo Government President in US history, Donald Trump, was in the White House and having an incredibly successful first term.

Trump’s slashing of government regulations and taxes had resulted in arguably the best US economy in history.  Wages soared – as did the stock markets.  Unemployment fell to in many sectors record lows.

It was an amazing and amazingly rapid return to American Greatness.

Status Quo Government couldn’t possibly allow that to stand.

So when the China Virus darkened our shores….

Rahm Emanuel Reprises ‘Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste’ Catchphrase Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

How do we know the Status Quo Government FREAK OUT!!! lockdown measures are total male cow excrement?  Because the Status Quo Government officials imposing them on us – do not adhere to them themselves.

Elected Officials Slammed for Hypocrisy for Not Following Own COVID-19 Advice

If the lockdown measures were actually medically necessary?  Status Quo Government officials would have immediately locked themselves in hermetically sealed luxury hotel suites.  And commissioned Coco Chanel and Ralph Lauren to custom design actually effective masks for them.

But for Status Quo Government officials – the phony lockdown measures were politically necessary.  Because Trump’s anti-Status Quo Government presidency was just too good.

So Status Quo Government endeavored to kill it.

Economy on Lockdown: Jobless Rate Could Be Highest Since WWII

Longer Lockdowns Associated with Much Worse Economic Outcomes

Oh – and….

Research Finds Lockdowns Are Far Worse for Health and Lives Than Coronavirus

We the Enslaved have spent the worst part of 2020 locked out of our lives and into our homes.

Which meant all we could do – was make obscenely rich Big Tech obscenely richer.

In just two months….

American Billionaires Got $434 Billion Richer During the Pandemic:

“Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had the biggest gains.  Bezos added $34.6 billion to his wealth and Zuckerberg picked up $25 billion.”

In just three months….

What Pandemic? The Big 5 US Tech Companies Are Worth More than Ever

In just seven months….

How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During the COVID Pandemic:

“40 million Americans filed for unemployment during the pandemic, but billionaires saw their net worth increase by (more than) half a trillion dollars.”

Keep all of this in mind every time Big Tech censors information debunking the alleged necessity of the lockdowns.  Status Quo freaks everywhere are profiting HUGE.  Can’t allow an end to the gravy train.

Obscenely rich Big Tech has gotten obscenely richer – because all We the Enslaved are allowed to do is surf the Web.

Mass forcing the masses to spend all their time online – ostensibly could have overwhelmed the nation’s Internet networks.  You know, the way the China Virus ostensibly could have overwhelmed our medical networks.

The Coronavirus Is Creating an ‘Enormous Stress Test’ of America’s Internet

But those of us who know the private sector works?  Knew our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) had done their due diligence….

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

And therefore we would be almost wholly problem free….

Shutdowns Yet Again Demonstrate: Our Internet Works – and Big Government Doesn’t

Our ISPs were allowed to do their best – because Trump and his Administration had ensured Status Quo Government couldn’t do its worst.

Trump’s FCC Officially Repeals Obama-Era Net Neutrality Laws

After Decision Upholding FCC’s 5G Rules, Cities Now Weighing Appeal:

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals largely upheld FCC rules limiting local government’s ability to regulate 5G infrastructure and cap fees.”

Trump’s FCC Chief Leaves Legacy of Deregulation and 5G Fights

Ajit Pai Bids Adieu: Thank the Departing FCC Chairman for Your Fast Internet in the Pandemic

How fast is your fast Internet?

BANG: U.S. Broadband Speeds Nearly Doubled in 2020

“BANG” is exactly right.

US ISPs were met with orders-of-magnitude more demand for their services.  Not only did our Internet networks not collapse in a smoldering heap – the speeds thereon almost doubled.

This is an astounding private sector success.

The result of less government from the Trump Administration – allowing for more investment and thus more expansion of the private sector networks.

To not just handle the lockdowns – but to manhandle them.

Thanks to anti-Status Quo Government President Trump.

And Pai all the non-Deep State Trump Administration tech officials – who actually implemented the Trump less government agenda.

This first appeared in Red State.