The Left: Shoveling Much Manure, Desperately Seeking Ponies

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The Left –
Reporting for Manure Duty

There’s an old joke. About a little boy standing in the entrance of a huge barn – clearly filled to the rafters with manure. The boy has a shovel in hand – and loudly proclaims “There has to be a pony in here somewhere.”

The Left – is this little boy. And their little boy search – is trying desperately to locate dirt on their political enemies.

One such manure-fest – is being thrown at now-President Donald Trump.

We’ve wasted nearly a year on totally-evidence-free charges that Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. Loads and loads of excrement have been flung – trying to unearth that pony. To zero avail.

That narrative (finally) collapsing, the Left shifted their hopes to Trump-fired Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) head James Comey. Their formal mortal enemy, the Left desperately grasped and clung to Comey – as he intimated that Trump had allegedly, stealthily, back-handedly obstructed justice.

Then Comey testified before Congress. And did so much damage to both of the Left’s ridiculous narratives – the Russia collusion and the attending obstruction of justice – that even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was forced to acknowledge it “came apart.”

Will these serial, profound defeats stop the Left? Of course not. Stay tuned – they’ll shortly come up with something even more ludicrous. Their pony-free pony search will continue.

New York state’s ridiculous Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has led the charge on another attempted pony-excrement-excavation. His target – is energy company ExxonMobil.

Like with Trump, Schneiderman has tried multiple lines of attack. Like with Trump, Schneiderman has shoveled a whole lot of non-Shinola – only to reveal…even more non-Shinola.

Schneiderman started with a litigious hashtag campaign – #ExxonKnew. In which he and his comrades alleged that Exxon knew for years about global warming …oops, I mean climate change – and lied about it. Schneiderman wasted more than a year on this total nonsense – and unsurprisingly came up horse-less.

So Schneiderman shifted. The #ExxonKnew hashtag – was thrown over the side. Now it was “less what Exxon knew, and more what it predicts.” Schneiderman was now angry at Exxon – for trying to predict the weather, and thus how it would affect their oil reserves. Something every oil company on the planet does. (And Schneiderman never offered an explanation for why meteorologists everywhere weren’t also under investigation.) This attack was so stupid, it was very quickly tried and dispatched.

So Schneiderman shifted again: “Schneiderman’s latest round of subpoenas for information (are) in an investigation to discover whether the company misled its investors on the potential harm that climate change, and subsequent climate regulations, would have on its business and earnings.”

Exxon has provided nearly three million pages of Schneiderman-requested documents. And Schneiderman has found…zero evidence of Exxon misleading its investors. To all of which, Exxon’s lead attorney Theodore Wells very rightly responded: “For a prosecutor proceeding in good faith, the absence of any evidence of wrongdoing is grounds for closing an investigation, not expanding it.”

But of course Schneiderman isn’t proceeding in good faith: “Amy Spitalnick, Mr. Schneiderman’s press secretary, said: ‘The attorney general’s office has a substantial basis to suspect that Exxon’s proxy cost analysis may have been a sham. This office takes potential misrepresentations to investors very seriously.’”

THREE MILLION PAGES of evidence – provided to and perused by Schneiderman. And he found NOTHING. But onward he presses, nevertheless.

Because Schneiderman isn’t really New York’s Attorney General – because how does this nearly-three-years-of-nonsense in any way serve the people of New York? He’s barely even an attorney – because attorneys engaged in similar pronounced, prolonged misconduct could and should be considered for disbarment.

What Schneiderman is – is a Leftist ideologue hack. A little boy – flinging mounds and mounds of manure at an ideological enemy, in the desperate hope of disinterring a pony.

It’s really very pathetic.

This first appeared in Red State.

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