US Farmers Continue to Like President Trump – ‘The Smart People’ Hardest Hit

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Oh-So-Much Smarter
Than ‘The Smart People’

So much of the “news” “reporting” – and the thinking of ‘The Smart People’ – on agriculture here in the US has a similar pall cast upon it.

These Swamp Creatures allege President Donald Trump has been atrocious to – and for – our farmers.  They then – in shocked and stunned fashion – again and again comment upon the fact our farmers continue to support the President.

The media inanity is everywhere.  The journalistic joke that is Politico offers a week-daily section entitled “Morning Agriculture” – and a pay sub-site entitled “Pro Agriculture.”  In which oh-so-much of the media’s amateurish shocked-ness and stunned-ness is on perpetual display.

But the inanity seamlessly bleeds into the Jurassic Press’ general news “reporting.”

They Voted for Donald Trump. Now Soybean Farmers Could Get Slammed by the Trade War He Started

Farmers Already Hurt by Trump’s Trade War Prepare for More Pain – from the Government Shutdown

Shutdown Hits American Farmers Already Hurt by China Trade War

And on, and on, and….

The Smart People are a part of this echo chamber of stupid.

Trump’s Tariffs Against China Are Bad News for US Farmers, Companies and Workers!

Trump’s Tariffs Are Screwing Farmers. Many Still Won’t Blame Him

For Farmers, Trump’s Tariffs Are Far Worse Than Any Bad Trade Deal

And on, and on, and….

Yes, Trump is cleaning up of decades’ worth of awful DC trade deals.

No, the tariffs are not “far worse” than these very bad trade deals.

To choose but one of the millions of examples of very bad trade deals being inconceivably worse for US farmers – let us look at the global sugar market.

There are more than 100 countries that sell sugar on the world market.  Brazil all by itself – controls almost half of that entire market.

Did Brazil get to that global dominance via superior quality of product, production and delivery methods?

No.  Brazil got there – by subsidizing their sugar to the tune of $4 billion per year.  Which means they can charge on the world market – $4 billion per year less than every other participant.

Which means they sell an awful lot of anti-free-market subsidized sugar.

Which means US sugar farmers – are getting royally screwed.  Each and every year.  For decades.

The US keeps cutting very stupid sugar trade deals.  That very stupidly allow Brazil to continue to mass-subsidize their sugar – and thereby screw US farmers.  Over and over and over again.  For decades.

Sorry, but that’s orders-of-magnitude worse for US farmers than some temporary tariffs.

Which is but one of very many instances where US farmers are dramatically wiser and more intelligent than The Smart People.

Unlike the Swamp’s Smart People, farmers know Trump’s tariffs are a means to an end – not the end.

Despite Tariffs, American Farmers Still Support Trump:

“(F)armers are willing to take short-term financial hits during trade wars if Trump is able to secure better deals for U.S. agriculturists heading in the future, BTC Bank President and CEO Doug Fish, who works with many farmers around his community in Bethany, Missouri, (said)….”

And hardly ever mentioned on the other side of the Trump-Farmer ledger by The Smart People – are all the very helpful regulatory and tax cuts.

Farmers to Reap Benefits from Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Particularly pernicious to farmers (and anyone else who owns land) – was an egregiously over-officious regulatory nightmare mess entitled Waters of the US (WOTUS).

Farmers Applaud Trump for Repealing EPA’s WOTUS Rule


Trump Orders Fewer ‘Regulatory Burdens’ for Diverting Water to CA Farms

Trump is reversing decades of dumbness – by prioritizing human farmers over diminutive fish.

Trump’s Lack of Regulation May Make Some Farmers Very Rich

And wouldn’t that be awful.

I can’t imagine why farmers are still behind Trump.

Yes, Trump has in part engendered farmers’ support – via federal cash.

To Ease Pain of Trump’s Trade War: $12 Billion in Aid for Farmers

But Trump’s tariffs have raised at least that much coin.

And farmers, again, are smarter than The Smart People.  They realize the aid – like the tariffs – is temporary.

And farmers’ support of Trump – has been pretty consistent throughout.  From campaign, to election – to today.  Before and after the aid.

Why Do So Many Farmers Support Trump?

It’s a question only The Smart People can’t answer.

This first appeared in Red State.

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