We’re Comparatively the Planet’s Cleanest Country – Why the Bipartisan Push to Tax Our Carbon?

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
It Really Only Goes One Way – Alphabetically

The anti-United States World loves to compile its “World’s Cleanest Countries” lists – on which the US never appears.  Here’s a Top 100 list for 2022 – on which we do not exist.  You can imagine the number of slob nations that make this ridiculous cut.  Russia is #52.

Of course, these idiotic lists are garbage in-garbage out.  The list-makers get to decide what “pollution” is – and work backwards from there to exclude the US.

The US has the world’s largest economy – which requires the world’s largest energy supply.  But by rate of energy use versus output of pollution, the United States is undoubtedly the cleanest country on the planet.

US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop Under Trump, but Climate Experts Aren’t Celebrating

Of course they aren’t.  Because a cleaner planet isn’t their objective.  A planet wiped clean of the US is.

China is #2 in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Think they’re running clean?

China: World’s Biggest Polluter … and Climate Activist?:

“Its greenhouse gas emissions are more than the US and EU combined, but China has big ambitions for carbon neutrality.”

No: China SAYS they have “big ambitions for carbon neutrality.”  If you believe them – you haven’t been paying very close attention.

Is the aforementioned Russia cleaning up its act?  Heavens no.  In 2020, they broke a 16-year-old air pollution record.  And I’m sure things have only gotten cleaner since they invaded Ukraine.

India’s economy is rapidly expanding.  But unlike US, it ain’t getting cleaner.  Au contraire….

Deaths Linked to PM2.5 Pollution in India Increased by 2.5 Times in 2 Decades

Like China, Russia and India get worse and worse – while saying all sorts of things will one day get better and better.  You know, to assuage the World.

The Latest Round of Global Climate Lie ‘Pledges’ From International Polluters

We here in the US should, by now, know global organizations exist solely to stick it to US.  The United Nations?  The World Health Organization?  The International Telecommunications Union?  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization?  All of these and more exist to take potshots at the US – and make the US pay exorbitantly for the privilege.

We here in the US should, therefore, not promote domestic policies that comport with the World’s ridiculous anti-US perspective.

Unfortunately, not only do we have domestic Leftists and Democrats undercutting US – we have alleged Rightists and Republicans undercutting US.

On alleged pollution – the bipartisan “prescription” is a carbon tax imposed on US citizens and businesses.

Of course the Left wants it…

Path to Progressive Carbon Tax

Democrats Are Considering Adding a Carbon Tax to Massive Budget Bill

But for reasons that surpass understanding – some non-Leftists want it too.

Republican Carbon Tax Bills Keep Getting Better

Top Conservatives Already Back a Carbon Tax; It’s Time for Energy Producers to Follow Suit

Ummm…no, it’s not.

We’re about the only country actually improving our pollution levels.  We’re certainly the only country with a major economy doing so.

Why would US citizens want to punish the US – and only the US – for being the only ones doing the right thing?

Finally, there is a bipartisan awakening to what is actually happening in the US – and the rest of the planet.  And some in DC are looking to re-aim the carbon tax.  Away from US – and at everyone else.

The Bipartisan Climate Solution:

“Momentum is building on both sides of the aisle to come up with a measure to penalize imports of high polluting goods, and lawmakers are taking a page out of former President Donald Trump’s book….

“‘It looks and feels a lot like Trump’s tariffs…’ Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said.

“Republicans are eager to tackle competition with China, whose lax environmental standards often mean lower production prices, and create an ‘America-first’ climate policy.

“‘Donald Trump should love it,’ (Republican) Sen. Kevin Cramer said.’”


“‘What did Trump do? When you had unfair business practices that gave the other country an advantage over our businesses, he put a tariff on their product,’ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has been engaging with Democrats on the issue, told Politico.

“‘Well, we are trying to move the world to a cleaner environment, and China, India and other countries are not doing as much, and they need to pay a price.’”

Yes, please.

Trump Trade Principles to Mitigate the Climate Alarmists and Their Many Taxes

Of course, much bipartisan stupidity remains…:

“(M)any Democrats and some free-market Republicans (still) want a domestic price on carbon….”

But at least there is now some crucial DC movement in the correct direction.