Will (Rural-Farm) Voters Remember the Pre-China Virus Donald Trump Economy?

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Rural America:
Where Common Sense Still Holds Sway

March’s Democrat FREAK OUT!!!™ about what is really but a bad flu – was designed to justify Democrats shutting down the Donald Trump economy.

Because the pre-Democrat FREAK OUT!!!™ Donald Trump economy – was incredible.  Main Street and Wall Street both – were flourishing.

Five Economic Records Trump Set in 2019

Trump Economy Generates Record Setting Middle-Class Gains in Income

Trump Stock Market Rally Is Far Outpacing Past US Presidents

And since everyone rigidly insists on fixating upon race….

Black and Hispanic Unemployment Is at a Record Low

A key voter component of Trump’s 2016 electoral victory – was rural voters generally…and farmers specifically.

Rural Voters Helped Trump Win in 2016

And of course – there are the farmers.  Who are crucially important to our country – because you gotta eat.

There is no domestic manufacturing sector more important – than the sector that manufactures our food.

In 2016, farmers loved Trump.

Farmers Are Huge Trump Supporters

Here Are 5 Issues That Caused Farmers to Vote for Trump:

Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule: This rule is incredibly controversial among farmers; it’s seen as one more layer of land regulation in what can already seem like an overwhelming pile….

Estate Tax: The estate tax resonates in the agriculture community in a similar way: farmers, much more than other industries, tend to pass down land and assets through generations and have long been concerned about the cost of taking over a parents’ farm….

The Renewable Fuel Standard: Biofuel is extremely divisive; many farmers rely on it, while others criticize its sustainability and actual impact on the environment and climate.  But both sides are furious at the EPA thanks to a May 2015 announcement in which the EPA, after several missed deadlines, set a goal for biofuel production that was some 20 percent lower than was originally planned.  ‘We are going to end the EPA intrusion into your family homes and your family farms,’ read the (Trump) speech….

The Affordable Care Act: The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has attracted intense anger from farmers….

Minimum Wage For Farm Workers: Organizations like the New York Farm Bureau, associated with the larger Farm Bureau, oppose the minimum wage increase, claiming it would depress profits even further.”

How’s Trump done on the Farmer Five?  How’s five-for-five grab you?

Trump Administration’s WOTUS Definition Ends Decades of Confusion, Federal Overreach

Why You Should Take Advantage of Trump’s Estate Tax Laws

Trump EPA Sides with Farmers Over Refiners in Biofuel Waiver Decision

Trump Ends Obamacare Individual Mandate

No Minimum Wage Increases Anywhere, Says Trump Advisor

Another key component of farmers’ support for Trump was his promise to address the awful anti-America trade deals – and the awful anti-America trade practices in which the planet engages.

Are you yet tired of winning?  I’m not.

Farmers Urge Congress to Pass USMCA in Song Spoofing Village People’s YMCA

Asked for – and answered.

Trump Signs USMCA, ‘Ending the NAFTA Nightmare’


Trump Signs Trade Deal with Japan to Help Farmers, Ranchers

And then of course – there is Communist China.

Trump Signs Landmark Trade Deal with China to Fix ‘Wrongs of the Past’

“President Trump and Chinese negotiators signed a hard-fought trade agreement on Wednesday that provides big wins for U.S. farmers…a historic breakthrough in the lopsided business dealings between the world’s two biggest economies that Mr. Trump achieved through his unconventional use of tariffs.”

In this great big world there is a LOT of anti-America trade chicanery.  Unaddressed for decades by our Republican-Democrat bipartisan Uni-Party – and not yet directly addressed by Trump.

But Trump has already advanced the ball a great deal, so….

‘We’ve Gone This Far’: Farmers Stick with Trump over Trade

US Farmers Know – DC Doesn’t: Trump Remains Farmers’ Best Friend

But to remind:

All of the above is accumulated – from the world that existed prior to the Democrat China Virus FREAK OUT!!!™ shutdowns.

Very rudimentary common sense would dictate:

Biden and the Democrats should not be able to insist on shutting down the economy – then blame Trump and the Republicans for the inevitable economic collapse – and get away with it.

Unfortunately, very rudimentary common sense is these days in very short supply.

Except in our blessed rural areas.  Our hinterland residents seem to have remained largely un-addled by the institutional stupidity sweeping the country.

I hope our farmers – and everyone else – remember the pre-Democrat-shutdown economy.

And vote accordingly.

This first appeared in Red State.