Democrat China Virus Overreach Is Launching the Next American Mass Migration

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Two Massive Mass Migration Catalysts

There have been in our nation’s history several major migrations of Americans within America.

Founding Father and third president Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase began robustly our expansion westward.

Jefferson hired Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to check out the huge midwest acquisition.  But they expanded their search – all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  Their adventurous zeal – led all the way to the likes of the California gold rush.

Meanwhile, the Industrial Revolution was a massive nation transformation.  It transmogrified us from a largely agricultural economy with most of us living in the hinterlands – to a machine economy with a great many of us flooding into the cities.

The many, MANY life improvements bestowed upon us by our ongoing, rolling technological achievements were – and are – (almost) all to the good.  (Social media – not so much.)

The way we consolidated our living conditions – stacking ourselves like cordwood in megalopolises – was almost entirely awful.

The Founding Fathers were incredibly brilliant and visionary people.  They were establishing a nation that was almost entirely agrarian.  But they knew it would not always be thus.

The aforementioned Jefferson then wisely warned:

“When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”

And so it became.

Flash forward to this very day – and you see it in cities (and more) all across the land.

Riots, looting, arson – and that’s just Democrat voters.

And make no mistake – to be a Democrat…is to be for criminality and corruption.  Whether you yourself practice it or not.  Whether you realize it or not.

Because the Democrat Party – is the Party of criminality and corruption.  Because it is the entirety of its existence:

“(T)he history of the Democratic Party…is a virtually uninterrupted history of thievery, corruption and bigotry.  American history is the story of Democratic malefactors….

“Andrew Jackson…not Thomas Jefferson or FDR – is the true founder of the modern Democratic Party.

“Jackson established the Democratic Party as the party of theft.  He mastered the art of stealing land from the Indians and then selling it at giveaway prices to white settlers.  Jackson’s expectation was that those people would support him politically, as indeed they did.

“Jackson was indeed a ‘man of the people,’ but his popularity was that of a gang leader who distributes his spoils in exchange for loyalty on the part of those who benefit from his crimes.

“Jackson also figured out how to benefit personally from his land-stealing.  Like Hillary Clinton, he started out broke and then became one of the richest people in the country.  How?

“Jackson and his partners and cronies made early bids on Indian land, sometimes even before the Indians had been evacuated from that land.  They acquired the land for little or nothing and later sold it for a handsome profit.

“Remarkably, the roots of the Clinton Foundation can be found in the land-stealing policies of America’s first Democratic president.”

Selling government by the pound to cronies and themselves – is a Democrat hallmark.

So too is totalitarianism.  As Democrats are yet again demonstrating with their China Virus shutdowns.

Democrat officials everywhere haven’t let the Virus (alleged) crisis go to waste.

They have imposed upon We the Sheeple massive and ridiculous shutdowns of our economy and our lives – to further their political ends, of course.

While (of COURSE) routinely violating their lockdowns themselves.  Because “Don’t you know who we are?”

Six-plus-months later, it continues to become ever more obvious to ever more people:

Democrats have WAY oversold the Virus – and WAY overreached in its name.

But Democrats can’t help themselves.  They again and again push their continuing lockdowns ever further forward into the future.

All of these new awful Democrat policies – have been thrown upon the huge heap of longstanding awful Democrat policies.

Huge taxes.  Massive and many regulations.  Anti-law-and-order societal abandonment.

Almost all of America’s cities have been run for decades by Democrats.  And they are uniformly awful places to be.

But now the Democrats – with their shutdowns – are in the process of “The Hunt for Red October”-ing themselves.

In this great flick, a Soviet Union submarine captain overreaches – and wildly launches an instantaneously armed torpedo.  Which bends back around and destroys his ship:

“You arrogant ass.  You’ve killed us.”

For decades and decades, Democrats could continue to over-government cities into oblivion.  Because their prisoners – oops, I mean citizens – were shackled to their metropolises by their jobs.

Well, Democrat victims – are prisoners no more.

Because our fabulous free market – has delivered us the Information Revolution…a successor to the Industrial Revolution.

And with it has come the Internet – and our Internet Service Providers (ISPs)…with their massively fast and powerful connections.

Democrats have forced us to work from home.  And we have discovered – thanks to the free market Internet and ISPs – we actually can:

“(G)igabit-speed home broadband availability has skyrocketed from 6% to 86% in just over three years.

“Fierce competition amongst rival companies and technologies, fueled by sustained network investment and nurtured by common sense and bi- partisan policies, have enabled this dynamic market.”

And our connections aren’t just faster and stronger – they’re cheaper:

“Even before adjusting for consumer price inflation, which has made today’s money worth about 10% less than in 2015, this report indicates that broadband pricing has significantly declined.

“This trend is particularly notable because it occurred at a time when other essential services – from prescription drugs and rent, to college tuition and car insurance – have experienced double-digit inflation.”

Shutdowns Yet Again Demonstrate: Our Internet Works – and Big Government Doesn’t

Which is leading more and more of us to realize:

“We can work from home.  Which means our homes – can be anywhere.  We no longer have to remain in the confining confines of Democrat municipal awfulness.”

Oops.  Torpedos are turning on their overreaching Democrat launchers – all across the land.

And the next great American migration – is now underway.

We’re About to See Biggest Exodus from Cities in Fifty Years

The Great Exodus Out of America’s Blue Cities

Exodus: The Migration From High Tax To Low Tax States

People Are Fleeing Democrat-Run States in DROVES for Republican-Run Ones

Which leads to pathetic pathetic-ness like this….

‘Come Back So We Can Tax You,’ New York City Begs Departed Residents

But with this new mass movement – comes again an old problem.

The US’s electoral history is one of Democrats voting Democrat, ruining their localities, moving to Republican localities – and continuing to vote Democrat and ruining their new locales…just as they ruined their old locales.

Democrats Fleeing Blue States, Infecting Red States With Failed Liberal Disease

Republicans Beware: The ‘Blue Wave’ Is Already Changing Red States:

“Waves of left-leaning voters are moving from blue areas like New York, Boston, Chicago and parts of California to red areas like New Hampshire, Texas, North Carolina.

“The ultimate end result? The voting patterns and policies that ruined Democratic-dominated regions will shift to traditionally Republican areas.

“Domestic migration patterns have sparked significant changes in electoral politics.”

Americans are realizing the free market Internet – allows them to escape America’s huge government Democrat fiefdoms.

Here’s hoping they achieve self-realization – and stop voting for the Democrats from whom they’re fleeing.

This first appeared in Red State.