Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Fiasco Threatens DC’s Domestic Expansion Agenda

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
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President Joe Biden’s addled idiocy in Afghanistan has forced DC into self-protection mode.  A mentality about which we have long spoken and written:

“Government is just another organism. Just like any other other organism, its first priority is self-preservation.

“Its second – is to grow. The most it possibly can. It wants to be bigger, do more – control more.

“There are more than four million humans who work in just the federal government. Most of them see preserving and growing government as in their interest. And see those who want Less Government as the enemy.

“The allure of the More Government mantra is strong – too strong for most of the humans who join the Borg.  Even for many of the allegedly Less Government Republican Party – they too too often succumb to More Government’s siren song.”

How did we get here?  How did we get stuck with a President Biden and his ongoing, rolling nightmare mess?

The Left in 2020 cut a deal with Biden, Inc and the Democrat Party.  The Left would ignore Biden’s clearly deteriorating mental capacity – and Biden’s more-cognizant handlers would impose the most radical Leftist agenda in US history.

Of course, the Americans who actually voted for Biden voted for a “return to American normalcy” – not a Leftist revolution.

But Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco is threatening the entire mass-expansion agenda DC is in the process of implementing.

How can DC sell itself doing everything?  When Biden is nakedly demonstrating that DC is incapable of doing anything?  And that they incessantly lie about every thing they undertake?

Make no mistake:  Afghanistan is MUCH more than just Biden’s calamity.  Afghanistan is a twenty-year, $2.2 trillion, tens-of-thousands-of-lives-lost-and-devastated entirety-of-DC disaster.

DC spent the last two decades lying their faces off about the incredible new Afghanistan they claimed they were creating.  If you listened to DC unquestioningly, you may have thought Afghanistan would any day now apply for US statehood – so great was this new thing DC had built.

Biden’s disastrous withdrawal – revealed the totality of the failure of DC’s missionary war democracy project.

Afghanistan Collapsed Because Corruption Had Hollowed Out the State

The Afghan government immediately imploded – and its alleged president fled the country with $169 million of our money.  A government we had built entirely in the Left’s image:

““Ahmad Samim Hoshmand, who served as the national ozone director in Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency until the (Taliban) takeover….”

The Afghan economy is almost totally medieval.  But our government was paying for their government to have a “national ozone director in Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency.”

The U.S. Ignored Corruption Within the Afghan Government. Did That Lead to Its Fall?

Gee…I wonder….

The alleged military and police forces we had spent decades and hundreds of billions building?

Afghanistan Military Plagued By Corruption, ‘Ghost Soldiers’

Ineffective, Unprofessional, and Corrupt: The Afghan National Police

Five seconds after we began withdrawing – Afghan forces happily shook hands with and handed arms to the Taliban.

Oh: Rank-and-file US soldiers spent the entirety of the process telling us it was a titanic waste of everything.  Here’s a December 2009 news report in which a US soldier describes the Afghan training problem:

“They’re not very intelligent.  The common sense factor is lacking a lot.  They, uh…ummm…it’s like teaching a bunch of five-year-olds.”

Again, this was way back in 2009.  Yet we thereafter wasted another twelve years.

I’m sure it was a two-decade running joke amongst the rank-and-file US soldiers in country.  I’m sure they and their superior officers incessantly reported the folly up the chain of command.  But their Reality Reports ended up in DC – where Reality goes to get murdered and openly defied.

To protect Big Government, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Hollywood, all the other Bigs are now circling the wagons – with Biden on the outside.

They’re intentionally muddling the Afghanistan message.  Using Biden’s incredibly inept withdrawal – to paper over DC’s incredibly inept and corrupt twenty year Afghanistan idiocy.

Because while Biden accidentally reveals DC’s foreign ineptitude – DC is working on mass-expanding its domestic ineptitude.

To wit:  DC is working on spending an extra $5.4 trillion this year – on top of the $4.5 trillion it is already spending this year.  And the point of all of that extra domestic money?

Federal ‘Infrastructure’? State-Local Government and Crony Bail Outs and Slush Funds

Biden Celebrates $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Says It ‘Will Transform America’

Biden: $3.5 Trillion Build Back Better Bill Is ‘Going to Transform America’

Of course, the Americans who actually voted for Biden voted for a “return to American normalcy” – not an American transformation.

And DC’s “experts” have been issuing ever-expanding China Virus edicts.  Vaccine-and-mask mandates and societal lockdowns – to which DC never subjects itself.  Predicated upon DC “science” that has been repeatedly contradictory and at its best opaque.

So when DC casually asserts something absurd like this….

Striking a Deal to Strengthen Broadband Access for All

Really?  DC is going to connect everyone to the Internet?  Yes, just like they turned Afghanistan into a 51st state.

DC’s fake “infrastructure” bill will waste $65 billion having governments pretend to be in the broadband business.

DC doesn’t tell you governments have already spent a quarter century and $100+ billion in more than 400 failing attempts to do that.

DC insists government must be expanded here too – so it’s once more into the breach, dear Comrades, once more.

And just as in Afghanistan, the number of grasping hands out for free government money is always unlimited:

“Demand outstrips supply: More than 230 communities across 49 states and U.S. territories are seeking their slice….”

The federal government doesn’t have to balance its budget – which is why and how it is nearly $30 trillion in debt.  Local governments have to balance their budgets.  So they’re lining up for free money from The Feds – to engage in Afghanistan-esque broadband folly.  Just as they have for about a century.

Because of course, DC and its down-ballot government minions will all be just as riddled-with-corruption-and-ineptitude as they have always been domestically.  Just as they have been in Afghanistan.

But DC won’t let any or all of this stop them.  Or even slow them down.  Nor will any of the state or local government federal-handout-seekers.

We’re all Afghanistan now.