Big Tech – Especially Google – Must Be Thrilled Facebook is Getting All the Attention

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Facebook is getting about two minutes’ worth – of what it’s like to be Donald Trump every second of every day for the last almost two years.

When the myopic World of Left-Media fixates its Sauron gaze – and collectivist anger – upon you.

But Facebook is a Big Tech company – in decade-plus-long excellent Leftist standing. What could they possibly have done to elicit this all-encompassing wrath?

Everyone’s Suddenly Upset with Facebook’s Data Abuses – Because A Non-Leftist Did It

Which is, of course, a dose of hypocrisy so massive – as to send planets careening out of their respective orbits.

Facebook has been in decade-plus-long excellent Leftist standing – in no small part because they have repeatedly, generously and copiously allowed Democrats nigh unlimited access to their data. And helped Donkeys in oh-so-many other ways.

Barack Obama Staffer: Facebook Knew Presidential Campaign Improperly Seized Data, Looked the Other Way

Obama Harvested Data from Facebook and Bragged About It

Obama, Facebook and the Power of Friendship: The 2012 Data Election

Hillary Clinton Campaign App Harvested Facebook Data of Millions

Facebook Says Donald Trump Paid More for Online Ads Than Hillary Clinton

Clinton Is Largest Beneficiary of Facebook Donations

And the World of Left-Media – perpetually ignored this ongoing, blatant abuse of privacy. And its fascistic melding of Big Business and Big Government. And instead praised Obama for abilities his team didn’t possess – but were instead provided for them by Facebook (and much of the rest of Tech World).

How Obama’s Data Crunchers Helped Him Win

How Obama’s Team Used Big Data to Rally Voters

And excoriated Hillary Clinton for losing despite the tech help – all the while again ignoring the Tech World-Democrat fusion.

Hillary vs. DNC Data: “Was the Democrats’ vaunted tech operation a disaster?”

Democrats to Clinton: You Used Data Wrong

Speaking of the rest of the Tech World: Just about everyone there – helps Democrats with their data. And in oh-so-many other ways.

Tech Billionaires Like Democrats More than Republicans

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Understatement of the Millenia Award winner.

Silicon Valley Can’t Save the Democrats

But certainly not for a lack of trying.

Social Media Companies Ban Conservative Voices

Ten Times Facebook Censored Conservatives

How Facebook, Twitter Silence Conservative Voices Online

Twitter Engineers Explain How They ‘Shadow Ban’ Conservatives

Government Twitter Censor Study Researchers Sought To Exclusively Ban Conservative Accounts

Mozilla Partnered With Voter Registration Group Teaming With Democratic Data Firm: “‘Nonpartisan’ connected to Democratic firm TargetSmart.”

Apple Won’t Aid GOP Convention

And on, and on, and….

Big Tech is obnoxiously and perniciously Democrat-partisan.

But no one – NO ONE – does it like Google.

Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House

Google Staffers Have Had at Least 427 Meetings at the White House over Course of Obama Presidency – Averaging More than One a Week

The Revolving Door Between Google and the White House Continues to Spin

Obama’s Staff Is Taking Over Silicon Valley

Clinton’s Silicon Valley Secrets: Google Boss Eric Schmidt Drew Up Campaign Plan

The Stealthy, Eric Schmidt-Backed Startup That’s Working to Put Hillary Clinton in the White House

Google is Rigging Searches for Hillary Clinton

Google is STILL Rigging Searches for Hillary Clinton

And Big Tech is obnoxiously and perniciously copious in compiling unimaginable reams of data on us.

But no one – NO ONE – does it like Google.

If You Thought Facebook’s Data Collection Is Scary, Wait Until You Check Your Google Account

Google Has A Plan for the Next ‘Couple Hundred Billion’ In Revenue: “It’s not news that Google is developing big data products to help advertisers analyze the performance of their campaigns. But what Google believes is the potential size of that market may surprise you: a couple hundred billion dollars….”

The Evil Side of Google? Exploring Google’s User Data Collection

Four Ways Google is Destroying Privacy and Collecting Your Data

Google Fined for Illegal Data Collection

Regulators Question Google Over Location Data

So you can imagine how thrilled and relieved Google is – that it is Facebook receiving the World of Left-Media’s Two Minutes Hate on data and privacy violations.

Which begs an excellent and elementary question.

As Facebook’s Zuckerburg Heads to D.C., Where is Google’s Larry Page?: “The Google CEO avoided testifying on Capitol Hill once before, but as user data becomes a hot topic, will he stand up?”

Elsewhere in the world, Google has faced much more serious scrutiny.

European Union Threatens Google With Break-Up

Australia Orders Google ‘Privacy Breach’ Investigation

Google Japan Case Raises Issue of ‘Right to Be Forgotten’

Google Street View Banned in India Due to Security Concerns

And on, and on, and….

Oh: And when governments aren’t so friendly to their peoples – and their privacy – Google is more than happy to assist…the governments. So long as Google continues to make a buck…well, hundreds of billions of bucks.

How Google Censors Its Results in China: “In most countries, the (Google data) spider simply collects everything it finds online and files it away in Google’s vast library. But for its Chinese site, Google has very specific rules about which pages and websites it keeps in the index, and which it leaves out.

“The (Chinese) government keeps a list of words and phrases that it has banned from local search engines, such as human rights, genocide and 4 June (the date of the Tiananmen Square massacre). The Communist party also blocks a number of swear words and sexual phrases that it believes to be ‘vulgar’ or ‘harmful.’…

“First, Google can block entire websites known to carry so-called offensive content. This allows blanket bans of large sites, particularly news websites, which may carry stories and pages that trouble officials. A basic search for any content carried on the BBC, for example, is highly unlikely to turn up any results.

“Secondly, the company will remove specific web addresses – single pages within a larger site – that are known to carry dangerous content. This method is used to effectively erase information from websites whose complete absence would leave a gaping hole, leaving users the impression of a fully functioning website that just has a few missing pieces.”

But despite all of this incessant, worldwide malfeasance – Google remains remarkably unscrutinized here in the U.S.

And it is instead comparatively-small-privacy-abusing Facebook – that is currently getting crushed here.

Google must be uproariously laughing.

If they’re smart, they are doing so very nervously…..

This first appeared in Red State.

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