Democrats Also Aided, Abetted and Protected Obama’s Illegal Power Grabs

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The President and
One of His Congressional Democrats

Happy Election Day Eve, All.

Republican prospects look fairly decent tomorrow. Not really for anything they’ve done or said – but because of how terrible Democrats look.

Especially in the reflective light of woefully unpopular President Barack Obama.

Obama Hits Career Lows in Favorability, Empathy

Obama’s Low Approval Rating Casts Shadow Over Democrat Races

The President Obama shadow is so deep over the Democrats’ heads – because they’ve spent nearly all their time standing so close to him.

Vulnerable Senate Democrats Almost Always Voted With Obama

(A)ll of the most vulnerable Democrats voted with President Obama at least 96 percent of the time….

And as President Obama ramped up his unilateral, end-around-Congress power grabs – Democrats actually helped him ensure their irrelevancy.

Congressional Dems Begging Obama Admin to by Fiat Do Their Jobs

Sheila Jackson Lee: Writing Executive Orders for Obama to Sign ‘Our Number One Agenda

And when Republicans tried to undo an illegal President Obama power grab – Democrats voted in lockstep to lock it in.

Senate In Party-Line Vote Rejects Measure to Overturn (Federal Communications Commission) FCC Net Neutrality Rules

How do we know the President Obama Net Neutrality power grab his Democrats unanimously defended was illegal? Because soon thereafter:

Federal Appeals Court Unanimously Strikes Down Net Neutrality Rules

Democrats should have known the President’s Internet power grab was illegal – because it was the second time the Executive Branch FCC had tried it.

Unanimous Court: FCC Has No Power to Regulate Net Neutrality

But Democrats never allow facts to get in the way of a government takeover.

Or the Constitution’s separation and balance of powers.

The Executive Branch is called that for a reason – it executes laws, it does not write them.

Every Executive Branch Department, Agency, Commission and Board is actually a creation and creature of the Legislative Branch – Congress. None of these arms of the Leviathan can do anything unless and until Congress passes laws giving them the authority.

These laws also establish the parameters within which the agencies are supposed to work – limiting the flights of regulatory fancy we now so frequently see.

Congressional Democrats ostensibly ran for office to write laws – that’s the gig. They each swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution – that’s what is supposed to guide them in the gig.

If they are so willing to violate the Constitution – and aid, abet and defend the Obama Administration illegally doing their jobs for them – why should they have their jobs?

We have an opportunity to answer that question on the morrow.

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in the Daily Caller.

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