GameStop: All the Bigs Will Do Anything to Stay Big – and Screw We the Littles

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Blocked on Behalf of the Bigs

We all saw what happened last week with the GameStop short squeeze incident.

GameStop Stock Surges in Epic Reddit-Driven Short Squeeze

Big Hedge Funds routinely play these short sell “Kill the Company” games.

Hedge Funds Continue to Short Sell UK Companies Despite Bank of England Calls to Stop:

“(M)any hedge funds have effectively ignored the suggestion by the Bank of England governor that they should stop betting that the share price of UK firms will fall.”

But the US stock market is demonstrably more corrupt than the UK’s – and just about everyone else’s.

Britain’s Big Bank ASKS Big Hedge to stop short selling – to save We the Littles.  Which Big Hedge blithely ignores.

In the US?  Not so much.

GameStop Shares Plummet After Robinhood & WeBull BLOCK ‘Reddit Rally’

Robinhood CEO Denies ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Claims that Hedge Funds Pressured Him to Halt GameStop Trading and Lock Out Reddit Traders as He Insists He Made ‘Right Decision’

Of course, the people paying protection money never admit or acknowledge they’re paying protection money.

“Conspiracy theory?”  You mean like this “conspiracy theory” from one month before the election?

Author Behind Bogus Hunter Biden Report Isn’t Real Either

One month after the election?  Not so much conspiracy or theory.

The Seeds of Hunter Biden’s Current Legal Woes Were Found on His Laptop

But get a load of this….

Robinhood CEO Reveals NSCC Demanded $3 BILLION Security:

“At 3 a.m. on Thursday, Tenev said that Robinhood’s operations team was sent a file by the clearinghouse that handles all stock trades – the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) – requesting a security deposit of $3 billion….

“‘(T)hey give us a file with the deposit and the request was around $3 billion, which is, you know, about an order of magnitude more than what it typically is.’”

The NSCC doing this – makes zero economic sense.  It makes eminent Bigs crony sense.

The stock buyers were buying with cash.  Therefore, the NSCC didn’t need to secure anything.  Certainly not three billion dollars’ worth.

What the NSCC was securing – was Big Hedge.  And that meant royally screwing We the Littles finally making a little money in their rigged game.

This is Big Money – cleaning up Big Hedge’s mess.

This was a small version of the very large 2008 housing market version that destroyed the global economy.

When Big Banks pretended the housing market wasn’t completely collapsing – thereby screwing the 2008 version of Redditors who had smartly shorted the housing market.

The Big Banks screwed these Little Guys – until they could join them in shorting the housing market enough to offset their long positions.  Which massively exacerbated the global damage done.

Then the Big Banks got a trillion-plus-dollars in bailouts from Big Government – and paid themselves exorbitant bonuses.  And in the end – one guy went to prison.  ONE.

The Bigs have the system rigged and wired.  And more and more, they know we know it – and they don’t care.

But they do sometimes pretend to care.  For instance, Big Media and the Bigs-assisting-Left dress up helping their fellow Bigs – in populist, We the Littles language.

How the Big ISPs Prioritize Confusion in the Net Neutrality Debate

Net Neutrality and the Tyranny of the ISPs

Big Cable: Net Neutrality Violates ISP First Amendment Rights

The Wall Street Journal Kisses Big Telecom’s Ass In Whiny Screed About ‘Big Tech’

Grassroots Groups Speak Up for Net Neutrality

Grassroots Efforts to Save Net Neutrality May Be Working

Grassroots Internet Offers Hope for Net Neutrality

Senator Markey Pledges Nationwide, Grassroots Defense of Net Neutrality

Except there’s big – and then there’s BIG.

Some of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are pretty big.  Here five top US ISPs – and their Market Caps.

Verizon: $226 billion.

Comcast: $225 billion.

AT&T: $202 billion.

Charter: 120 billion.

CenturyLink: $13 billion.

But Big Tech wants Net Neutrality.  In no small part because it is government mandating ISPs can charge Big Tech NOTHING for all the bandwidth they use.

So We the Littles have to pay MUCH more for our Internet access – to subsidize Big Tech paying NOTHING.

And Big Tech ain’t just big – they’re BIG.

Apple: $2.25 trillion.

Microsoft: $1.8 trillion.

Amazon: $1.7 trillion.

Google (Alphabet): $1.3 trillion.

Facebook: $739 billion.

Netflix: $239 billion.

That’s six companies – all larger than the nation’s largest ISP.  Some of them many-multiple-times larger.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google could each purchase Verizon or Comcast with what they keep in their petty cash drawers.

Behold the pro-Net Neutrality Internet Association membership list.  They represent multiple trillions of dollars of market cap wealth – and power.

To claim the fight for Net Neutrality is against big, vested interests is patently absurd.

If you’re fighting for Net Neutrality – you’re doing the bidding of the biggest companies and richest men in the history of the world.

How about that “grassroots push for Net Neutrality?”  Yeah – not so much.

Free Press and NTEN Con Nonprofits into Supporting Net Neutrality

95 PCCC Pro-Net Neutrality Democrats All Lost on Tuesday – and PCCC Raised Less than $300 on It

And why would We the Littles want Net Neutrality?  It will drastically jack up our Internet costs – so we can all augment the profits of Trillion Dollar Big Tech.

Of course, Net Neutrality is MUCH bigger government.  So of course Big Government is on board.

Biden’s Grand Plan for the Internet: Restore Net Neutrality, Create Municipal Broadband

Oh – and remember how we said the Left is actually, routinely assisting the Bigs?  Here’s Diet Communist joint Public Knowledge:

In the Republican War on the Biden FCC, Wall Street May End Up the Biggest Loser

As we very recently and have repeatedly noted:

“If you find this confusing – that’s only because the Left is perpetually confused.”

On these whiplash-inducing heels – rides this Left-Right harmonic convergence….

Lawmakers from AOC to Ted Cruz Are Bashing Robinhood Over Its GameStop Trading Freeze

But get not too “Unity!” cozy….

AOC Tells Ted Cruz to Take His GameStop Bipartisanship and Shove It Up His Ass

Ok then.

Biden’s ‘Unity’ – Unites Leftists and Government Bureaucrats Against US

And the Bigs.  Don’t forget the Bigs.

No one wants Net Neutrality – except the Bigs.

Want to bet the Bigs won’t get what they want?

DCs Swamp Creatures Want Biden to Restore Crony, Corrupt, Anti-America ‘Normalcy’

Great News: Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp Up Regulations

Pressure Builds on Biden, Democrats to Revive Net Neutrality Rules

Biden Puts Net Neutrality Champion At FCC

What – no wager takers?

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