Google Fiber Cashing Government Checks – Bypassing Poor Neighborhoods Anyway

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Google Fiber’s Sign
for Poor Neighborhoods

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has a current market cap value of $544 billion. The entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Taiwan is $524 billion.

So Google is bigger than…Taiwan.

So why is the United States federal government giving monster Google so many unequal-before-the-law policy preferences – via executive branch fiat?

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And why are governments throughout the United States giving Google so much money?

10 Corporations Receiving Massive Public Subsidies From Taxpayers: “Google: $632,044,922. Besides Intel, Google is the top tech company that receives government subsidies, picking up more than $630 million from states like Oregon, North Carolina and a few others. What does a multi-billion dollar company that controls the majority of the world’s Internet need with more than $630 million in government subsidies, you ask? Well, you know, for things like property taxes and training reimbursements. What, do you all think that money just grows on trees?! Also, don’t even think about googling “Google government subsidies” because THEY WILL KNOW ABOUT IT.”

A main area for which Google gets government coin – is when Google is pretending to be an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Behold the non-free market “free market” Google Fiber.

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Not everyone falls for it.

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And despite all the government money – Google oft isn’t a very good corporate citizen. In all manner of ways.

Customers Running Out of Patience with Google Fiber Drilling Mishaps: “‘I don’t think it’s fair. I think Google has a responsibility to compensate if there are losses, that would be my position. That if there’s damage to property or possibly even to businesses – such as Swetts and others – that they should be compensated for that,’ says (Nashville, Tennessee) Metro Councilmen, Ed Kendall.”

Google’s ongoing, incessant claim – is that Google Fiber will connect the unconnected. That the poor would finally be logged on and logged in. It seems to be all these governments’ primary justification for giving so much coin to the Behemoth.

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So Google Fiber will close the Digital Divide, right? Not so much.

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In fact, Google is making things worse.

Google Fiber Build Exacerbates Digital Divide: “Google Fiber…may fuel a digital divide by only upgrading select residents in certain cities. That said, the article claims that Google Fiber’s ability to deploy fiber to just select locations helped save them 20% over traditional builds like Verizon’s FiOS.”

Get that? Google gets millions of dollars from governments – for a Fiber plan that intentionally skips out on poor neighborhoods. To save a buck.

Exacerbating the digital divide. By taking government money intended to bridge it – and then not bridging it.

In case it hasn’t occurred to Google (and believe me, it has) – this is exactly why there is a digital divide. Because it costs more to connect neighborhoods who can’t afford the service you’re building out. Companies like Verizon – who build out to them – certainly know this.

Google bragging that it saved coin by skipping the poorest – ain’t exactly optimal.

Google skipping the poorest – after taking millions in government coin intended to connect the poorest – ain’t anything but obnoxious.

This first appeared in Red State.

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