Hillary Clinton, Her Foundation and the Democrat Platform: Even More Government Money and Cronyism

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All Phony – Except for the Crony

The Barack Obama Administration has a few signature calling cards – none of them any good. Government money and cronyism – is perhaps its ace in the hole.

President Obama promised “We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re going to reward our friends who stand with us on the issues that are important to us.”

And that is a promise he has absolutely kept.

This administration has dramatically increased government spending and regulatory overlording. By the end of their run, our national debt will have more than doubled – to about $21 trillion. And the cost of federal regulatory compliance has rocketed upward – to $1.9 trillion per annum.

Much of that government explosion – has directly benefited cronies.

Obama Repays Donors in Tax Dollars

The Rich Get Richer: Obama-Style Crony Capitalism

Obama Cronyism Enriches Friends, Shortchanges Others

Obamacare State Exchanges Have Become Profit Center For Obama Cronies

80% of DOE Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Backers

And Was the administration’s treatment of the Tech sector any different? Of course not.

Government Drags Us Back in Time Because Cronies and Ideology Tell It To

Oh Look, Three More Examples of Obama Administration Cronyism

The FCC Delivers the Latest Dose of Obama Cronyism

Google, the Barack Obama Administration – and Even More Questionable Policy

Currently in Power – The Google Administration

Speaking of uber-crony Google.

Google Makes Most of Close Ties to White House

Google’s Washington Influence Is Spreading, Some Say Too Much

Google ‘Second Biggest Donor’ to Obama, Has Too Much Power

Google is Very Tight with the Obama Administration

Google’s Incestuous Ties with the Obama Administration

Obama & Google (A Love Story)

The Obama-Crony examples are nigh endless. But the Obama era is thankfully coming to an end.

Any hope of anything different out of a prospective Hillary Clinton Administration? Of course not. In fact, all evidence – and there is a LOT of it – indicates things will be even worse.

Let us begin by looking at Clinton’s pro-crony efforts whilst Secretary of State for the Obama Administration.

The Clintons, Crony Capitalism, and American Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton Put Crony Donor On Top-Secret State Dept. Security Board

The Clinton Foundation Received Millions from Investors as Putin Took Over 20% of US Uranium Deposits

So when you hear speculation about the Russians hacking the Democrat Party to help Donald Trump – remember the Clintons’ relationship with Vladimir Putin is FAR cozier.

And there’s oh-so-much-more on the VERY cozy relationship between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

Top State Department Aide Listed as Clinton Foundation Director

Revealed: The State Department’s Hidden Hillary Donors

State Department to Delay Release of Clinton Foundation Emails until Late 2018

Well isn’t that helpful. And does anyone buy this?

State Department Says No Undue Influence After Foreign Gifts to Clinton Foundation

Neither does Putin. Neither do we.

Donations to Clinton Foundation May Have Influenced State Department Policy

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

New Clinton Documents Raise Questions on Benghazi, Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation is a multi-multi-million-dollar crony nightmare mess.

NY Times: Clinton Foundation Rife with Cronyism

The Clinton Foundation: A Cauldron of Conflicts and Cronyism

The Clinton Foundation Reeks of Crooks, Thieves, and Hoods

And when you seek a promotion from Secretary of State to President – this happens.

Clinton Foundation Says Donations Have Picked Up

Well, the Democrat Party Convention is this week – during which they will officially nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential nominee. Is the Party platform in any way less crony than every fiber of Clinton’s being? Of course not.

To wit: We mentioned Tech sector cronyism before. Let’s look there again. The Party platform calls for much more government money and protection for its friends.

Democrats Support ‘Ambitious’ Tech Investment: “The just-released draft of the Democratic party platform…supports Net Neutrality and expansion of high-speed broadband networks. But its biggest push is in the areas of clean energy and infrastructure investment….

“This type of spending may help tech spending in much the same way the U.S. stimulus did in 2009 to help with the recession’s recovery. Some some $800 billion was approved for projects that stimulated jobs, with several billion set aside for IT and telecommunications.”

By “this type of spending may help tech spending in much the same way the U.S. stimulus did in 2009 to help with the recession’s recovery” – you mean not at all.

Obama is First President Ever to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth

The only beneficiaries of 2009 “green energy” money – were Obama donors. Government Internet infrastructure “investment” – was just as awful.

The Internet ‘Stimulus’ – Just as Destructive as the Rest of the ‘Stimulus’

Yet Another Terrible Internet ‘Stimulus’ Project

A History of Cronyism in the Technology Sector

Yet the Democrat Party platform – is promising lots more of all of it.

Oh – and Net Neutrality isn’t crony at all.

Don’t Be Fooled: Net Neutrality is All About Cronyism

Cronyism: For the Likes of Google, It is Really, REALLY Good to be a Friend of Obama

Again speaking of Google – are they rooting for a Clinton Administration?

Assange: Google to Back Hillary Clinton for President in 2016: “Google has strong ties to Clinton, WikiLeaks founder reveals.”

Google Says Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President

What is Google doing about it?

Google Is Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton


Google Grants for Clinton Global Initiative Nonprofits

But fret not – Google and everyone else’s generosity will be most richly rewarded by the next Clinton Administration.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation roll on – in a full-on cronyism haze. And the Democrat Party platform – backs the corrupt play.

A third Obama term, indeed.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

This first appeared in Red State.

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