Net Neutrality and Government-Run Internet: The Left’s New Excuse for an Awful Old Idea

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The Left’s cavalcade of lies continues unabated about…everything.

The examples are nigh endless – but for our purposes here let us focus on the latest avalanche about the Internet.

A month ago, the Donald Trump Administration was on the verge of undoing the Barack Obama Administration’s ridiculous huge government imposition on the Web.

Contained within the Obama Administration’s Trojan Horse of “Network Neutrality” – was their in 2015 imposing a 1934 government-monopoly landline telephone regulations regime on to the Internet.

The Obama Administration did this because their grab magically gave the government a huge new swath of regulatory and taxing powers over the Internet – that they didn’t have the way the the government (didn’t) regulate the Internet from its mid-1990s private sector inception until the 2015 grab.

All the Trump Administration did – was return us all to the two-decade pre-Obama-power-grab status quo. During which the Internet went from “What’s that?” – to 1/6th of our entire $18 trillion economy. Nothing in the history of humanity has ever grown so huge – so fast.

Again, the Internet did it all – the way the Internet was regulated pre-Obama-power-grab.

As the Trump Administration’s rollback approached – the Left was screeching and rending garments, howling the World Wide Web was about to end.

A month later – the Internet is still here. Exactly as it was two months ago. Only better. Returning will be the massive Internet investment necessary to continue our rolling, ongoing revolution – which the Obama Administration power grab severely dented.

Having been yet again proven wrong by Reality – the Left, undaunted, continues unabated.

The Left is now using the restoration of uber-successful regulatory sanity to the Web – as an excuse to yet again re-attempt the perpetually uber-unsuccessful imposition of government-run Internet.

Killing Net Neutrality Has Brought on a New Call for Public Broadband: “Seattle’s Socialist Alternative Council Member Kshama Sawant — the prime mover of the city’s successful bid to enact a $15 an hour minimum wage — has another idea. She wants her city to simply build its own broadband network to compete with the private providers, guaranteeing a free flow of unthrottled information.”

Get that screaming joke?  The government “guaranteeing a free flow of unthrottled information?”

Net Neutralized – by Government: Iran’s Mullahs Kill the Web

China’s Scary Lesson to the World: Censoring the Internet Works

North Korea’s Internet, Like The Country, Is Cut Off From The World

Saudi Arabia Leads Arab Regimes in Internet Censorship

I’ll pause while your recovery from your respective laughing fits….


Seattle’s Socialist Alternative Council Member Sawant’s indubitably awful idea isn’t just indubitably awful – it’s old and tired from having been unsuccessfully tried over and over and over again.

Just like each and every aspect of Sawant’s Socialism.

Government ‘Business’ Endeavors Are Always Awful: “Then-President Barack Obama and his then-Congressional majority Democrat cohorts included in their 2009 alleged “Stimulus” – $7.2 billion for government broadband….

“How’s that been going? Three guesses – the first two don’t count.”

The Internet ‘Stimulus’-Just as Destructive as the Rest of the ‘Stimulus’

Yet Another Terrible Internet ‘Stimulus’ Project

And that mountain of failure – was built upon yet another, pre-existing mountain of failure.

Municipal Broadband Is A Failed Model

Municipal Broadband: Many Promises, More Failures

Municipal Broadband Efforts Have Produced Failures

Municipal Broadband Fails – Again

Despite Glossy Reports, Muni Broadband is Still a Net Money Loser

Every time, everywhere – over and over and over….

Lake County Another Example of Failed Municipal Broadband

Sale Fail: Provo Considering Contingencies for iProvo

What Other Cities Should Learn from Philly’s Failed Municipal Broadband Effort

We have watched Socialists like Seattle’s Sawant fail with this uber-failed government-run Internet model…over and over and over again.

Net Neutrality – is just another lame Socialist idea serving as yet another lame excuse to yet again try yet another Socialist awful idea.

Let’s not, shall we?

This first appeared in Red State.

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