President Trump’s War – On Government’s War on America

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Trump’s Gotten to Cutting

United States’ governments at all levels have for decades been at war with America and Americans.

Their weapons of choice – have been a ceaseless fusillade of laws and regulations. Aimed not to benefit We the People – but directly at us. We have been carpet-bombed with red tape – to ensnare and shackle and limit us.

The damage to our economy has been devastating. Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has waned inexorably for decades. Because as government grows – the private sector shrinks.

Our entire economy – the amount of money created by every single man, woman and child in America’s 300+ million populace – is $18 trillion. The cost of compliance with JUST federal regulations – is $2 trillion. Think that massive government imposition on our economy helps – or hurts?

And no President in our history was more active in using government against us – than President Barack Obama. Obama ramped up government regulatory extrusions to levels never before seen. Obama added more than 21,000 new regulations – all by his onesies.

Obama directly targeted for destruction certain sectors of Americans. For instance, he promised to bankrupt the coal industry – then he had his government just about do it.

Obama Administration regulations killed more than 125,000 coal sector jobs. And cost our economy more than $650 billion directly – and exponentially more indirectly, as energy prices soared as the coal sector crumbled.

Obama doesn’t like private property…at all. So he abused the living daylight out of a regulatory nightmare mess called Waters of the United States (WOTUS) – an evil spawn of the evil Clean Water Act.

Obama’s wanton WOTUS abuse – was his way of preventing any activity on any land anywhere.

If this prevented you from mowing your lawn – it was highly annoying.

If you’re a farmer, a rancher, a miner – anyone who makes their living off their land – it was devastating.

Additionally, the federal government owns WAY too much land – on which many additional Americans lease the right to make their livings. Obama’s weaponized WOTUS crushed them too.

And all of this meant it was also devastating to any American who does really unusual things like…drink water or eat.

Then came President Donald Trump. The Anti-Obama.

Candidate Trump on the campaign trail – spoke of a realization he’d had on the campaign trail.

Trump said that when he started his run, he thought high taxes and the ridiculously thick tax code were the chief impediments to economic growth.

But time and again, over and over – owners of businesses of all sizes told him it was regulations that were their primary bete noir.

Who says Trump never learns anything new? Promising to cut regs became a regular feature of his free-wheeling stump speeches.

And soon after taking his oath of office, Trump said: “Regulations are going to be cut massively.”

Word – meet deed. Trump signed an executive order – mandating two regulations be cut for every one added.

But that was before political neophyte Trump knew just how bad the DC Swamp really is. By July, the Trump Administration was killing sixteen regulations for every one added. And if anything, that ratio has gotten better since.

And targeted for serious undoing – WOTUS. Which received an executive order of its very own.

And the farmers – and food fans everywhere – rejoice. As well as all Americans who ranch, mine, drink water, mow lawns,….

Trump EPA to Dump ‘WOTUS’; Frees 247 Million Acres of Farmland

Farmers Applaud Trump for Repealing EPA’s WOTUS Rule

Trump Proposes EPA Budget And Staff Cut: Farmers, Ranchers And Energy Producers Rejoice

And it turns out that what Trump learned on the trail – was correct. Regulations are more damaging to the economy – than even the heinous tax code and rates.

Because it is now November – and Congress is still working on its un-passed tax reform.

But Trump has from Day One been slashing regulations. And how’s the economy doing?

US Economic Growth Revised Up to 3.1 Percent Rate in Q2

US GDP Growth Revised Up to 3.2% in Q3

Forecasts Anticipate Another Solid Rise For US Q4 GDP Growth

Those numbers aren’t spectacular – but they’re consistently better than anything that happened during the Obama Epoch.

And what’s happening – is most heartening to We the People. Farmers – and those who like to eat. Ranchers – and those who like to eat. Miners – and those who like electricity. And everyone else.

US Consumer Confidence Hits 17-Year High

Oh – and things on Wall Street are going ok.

Another Stock Market Record: Longest S&P 500 Run Without a 3% Slump

All of this economic emergence – without tax cuts and code reform.

But – with massive regulatory reductions.

Credit Trump for Boosting Business and Fueling Our Economic Growth: “Unable to credibly ignore this economic surge, the current tactic for progressive Democrats is to deny its cause. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) recently stated that Trump deserves ‘absolutely’ no credit for the growing economy because he has yet to pass ‘any legislation’….

“This ‘Trump gets no credit’ approach says a lot about how poorly progressive Democrats understand what drives economic growth. It isn’t more government; its less. In his first nine months, President Trump has taken a machete to the Obama era’s rules and regulations that have been choking American businesses like parasitic vines. In fact, a recent analysis by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian think tank, found that Trump is deregulating the economy at a pace no other president ever has.

“According to CEI, Trump’s has reduced the Federal Register’s page count by an impressive 32 percent compared to President Obama at this time last year. This put him on course to beat President Reagan’s record of a ‘one-third reduction in Federal Register pages following Jimmy Carter’s then-record Federal Register.’ But that reduction took Reagan years to accomplish. Trump has been in office nine months.”

Or you can just ask a WOTUS-free farmer. He or she will tell you.

So when you next go shopping or sit down to eat – thank that farmer.

And when you pay less and get more – thank President Trump.

This first appeared in Red State.

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