The Left’s Latest Copy-and-Paste Fake Grassroots Campaign

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Leftist Electronic Fakery

The Left is notorious for runaway gangbuster campaigns with massive grassroots groundswell support – that are actually not runaway gangbuster campaigns with massive grassroots groundswell support.

The Left’s ideas – are awful. Because of this awfulness – their ideas aren’t very popular with We the People.

Thus the Left isn’t any good at generating support. But they are absolutely GREAT at making it look like they are generating support.

In these fraudulent endeavors – they have many massive built-in advantages over we who fight for Reality-based public policy solutions that garner actual public support.

The Left gets sympathetic uber-amplification from the hominoid absurdities who infest Hollywood. The late, inordinately great Andrew Breitbart rightly observed: “Politics is downstream from culture.” Our politics is positively polluted by the Leftist claptrap Tinsel Town has for decades been spewing.

The Left gets sympathetic uber-amplification – and social media game-rigging – from the hominoid absurdities who infest the Silicon Valley. Time and again mega-companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook have been caught slanting searches and warping “news” feeds Leftward – and banning and blocking Rightists.

The Left gets TONS of cash from Communist mega-donors. George Soros and Tom Steyer alone have been good for billions of dollars. You can run all sorts of fake campaigns and purchase a whole lot of fake protesters with that kind of coin.

And the Left has received hundreds of billions of dollars in in-kind contributions from their Fellow Travelers in the pseudo-“news” media. No Leftist message is too absurd, no Leftist campaign too fake, no Leftist policy demand too insane. The “news” media qualm-lessly, instantaneously parrots and amplifies. Whatever the Left needs – the media delivers.

Which brings us to Nicholas Pyle, his lobby shop – and the Independent Bakers Association (IBA).

Nicholas Pyle’s lobby shop – isn’t actually, originally his lobby shop. It was his father’s – and he inherited it:

“Nicholas Pyle, President, joined his father at Pyle & Associates to expand and diversify the client portfolio. He is a specialist in the areas of trade association management, government relations, issue advocacy and representation in many functional areas of the food industry and strategic defense materials. Over nearly three decades, Nick leads Pyle & Associates’ representation of some of the world’s largest food and metal companies as well as a national wholesale bakers trade association in government relations.”

For our purposes today, the key phrases therein are “issue advocacy” and “a national wholesale bakers trade association.” The latter – is the IBA. In what types of “issue advocacy” is Pyle engaged on behalf of the IBA?

Well, just one kind and type, actually. Pyle – or someone for Pyle – penned a single, solitary editorial. Which was then copied and pasted – with appropriate, pertinent Congressman or Senator name changes – over and over and over again. Into email after email after email. And then submitted to newspaper after newspaper after newspaper.

A brief, important aside: I buy groceries – by writing for publications. What is almost a universal truth of the publication industry – is the fact that just about every outlet wants exclusivity on what you submit. Meaning what you publish with them – publishes only with them.

So how did Pyle get away with running the exact same editorial – in forty-six different newspapers? Yes, they are mostly local papers – but come on. This is the Age of the Internet.

All forty-six – are available online. After, I don’t know, two dozen publishes – wouldn’t the subsequent “news”papers have executed a cursory Web search and rejected their versions of the exact same editorial?

You’d have to ask the newspapers if they searched. And if they didn’t – why they didn’t. And if they did – why they run the exact same thing over and over and over again.

I can’t tell you what they were thinking (well, I can guess). I can’t think like a Leftist. When I try – my head hurts.

I can tell you that this overt rote repetition – duplicated time and again in the direction of elected official after elected official – creates a faux cacophony for Pyle’s fake messaging campaign.

Our elected officials will talk with one another – and one may mention getting yelled at in their local paper about this fake campaign. Another responds “Gee, me too.” A third chimes in with “Wow, me too.”

The chances are pretty slim that these officials will check each other’s editorials – and thereby realize they are all being targeted by the exact same editorial from the exact same person.

The chances are pretty good that it will leave all these officials with the false impression that this nonsense non-campaign – is an actual campaign, with broad nationwide support.

So you all see how this phoniness works.

Here’s hoping our elected officials do too.

This first appeared in Red State.

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