The Media’s Mass Delusion and Dishonesty

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It’s Been a Decades-Long Incursion

It’s always sadly amusing to watch America’s media march as one – in one direction after another.  To even the average observer, it would appear that they all receive the exact same issues to cover – and the exact same talking points with which to cover them.

The examples of this are at this point nigh limitless.  Talk radio impresario Rush Limbaugh has for years compiled his Media Montages – audio cavalcades of talking heads spouting identical words to describe the same stories.

Limbaugh Trump Mania Montage; Media Chorus “Specifics”

Limbaugh Airs Montage Of Media Anger At Trump For Not Calling On Them

Rush Limbaugh Compiles Round-Up of Media Celebrating Obama’s ‘Genius’ Embrace of Kerry’s Gaffe

Limbaugh’s montage idea is so good – myriad others rip him off.  Including some people you wouldn’t in a million years expect.

IRS Scandal News Media Montage

Jon Stewart’s Media Sensationalism Montage at The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Conan O’Brien’s Dead Flat Rip Off Of Limbaugh’s Media Montage

A good idea – is a good idea.  I have for years in print been ripping off Limbaugh (with attribution) – compiling on issue after issue avalanches of almost identical headlines from almost innumerable sources.  It’s dozens of outlets – all reporting on a story in ways indistinguishable from one another.

To wit: Alleged collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.  It’s been a story since last July – one to this point still completely devoid of any actual evidence.  But the Fake Media has insisted upon keeping it alive – so alive it remains.

Here are some headlines from just the last thirty-six hours:

Trump’s Response On Russia Issue Called The ‘Most Suspicious’ Part Of His Presidency

In Trump’s Russia Controversy, John McCain Sees ‘Echoes of the Cold War’

Leading Democrat Alleges Joint Effort to Distract from Trump-Russia Inquiry

That “leading Democrat” is not John McCain (though the confusion in understandable) – it is California Congressman Adam Schiff.  He’s the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee – so he is one of the leading rabble rousers on this Russia nonsense.

Schiff Accuses Intel Chair (Devin) Nunes Of Conspiring With Trump To Distract From Russia Probe

Schiff Says Trump Wants Focus on Tweets, Not Russia Probe

Top Democrat Says Trump’s Dismissal of the Russia Investigation ‘Should Set Off Alarm Bells’

Except – also in the last thirty-six hours:

Schiff: Still No ‘Definitive’ Link Between Russia, Trump Campaign

Get that?  One of the “leading Democrats” Pied Piper-ing the Media down this primrose Russo-fantasy path – admits that we’re nine months into this nonsense, with ZERO evidence to justify this nonsense.

I’m no police detective, or even a lawyer – but I’ve watched enough formulaic cop-prosecutor  shows to know that some sort of substantial evidence needs to exist PRIOR to the launch of any investigation.

Any yo-yo can walk off the street into the precinct house and hurl some wild accusation in some wild direction.  The receiving cop takes down their statement, thanks them – and then as soon as the yo-yo exits the room, rolls their eyes and places the goofy charge in the circular file.

Because there are too many cases with actual evidence to pursue – to waste time on crazy conspiracy theories.

But this is Washington D.C. – an anti-Reality Fantasy Land.   Where far too many of the yo-yos – are elected officials.  So their crazy conspiracy theories get taken far too seriously – by a far-too-Leftist-compliant Media.

Another example: Network Neutrality.  We will present a brief Net Neutrality history – so as to demonstrate that the Media is so incredibly anti-history.

The Internet went private sector in the mid-1990s.  The Republican Congress and Democrat President Bill Clinton jointly decided that the World Wide Web would be best served by government – doing just about nothing but getting out of the way.

The results of this “light touch” less government approach – speak for themselves.  The Internet is the greatest example in human history of mass, massive achievement.  Nothing has grown bigger, faster than this free speech-free market Xanadu.

So of course the Left hates it.  And almost immediately began looking for ways to rein it in.  Thus was born Net Neutrality – dreamed up so as to impose government where no government existed, or was needed.

Net Neutrality was a fabrication of Leftist college professor (please pardon the redundancy) Tim Wu.  How long did Wu and his fellow Leftists wait before looking for ways to lock down the newly free market Web?  Not very long at all.  Per Wu his own self: “The Net Neutrality debate grew out of the concerns in the late 1990s….”

Get that?  The Internet went private sector in the mid-1990s.  And Wu and his ilk started looking for ways to un-private sector it – just a couple of years later.  Axl Rose would be ashamed.

But despite the Left’s best efforts, we went an additional decade-plus – without any Net Neutrality regulations at all.  Through the end of the Clinton Administration – and throughout the George W. Bush Administration.  Did the Web or we suffer from its absence?  Absolutely not.  The Internet continued its uber-explosive growth – becoming 1/6th of our entire $18.3 trillion economy.

In the history of the sentiment “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – the Net Neutrality-free Internet is the quintessential example.

Of course, the Media never allow the facts to get in the way of a good beating.

Why We Need Net Neutrality

Why We Need Strong Net Neutrality Rules Now

Net Neutrality Rules Are Far Too Important to Wait for Congress: FCC Boss Must Act Now

That last one – written, actually, by Wu – is particularly absurd.  It was published in January 2015 – after twenty years of Net Neutrality-free, inconceivably successful Internet.

Yet Wu claimed Net Neutrality was SO vitally necessary – it couldn’t even wait for the actual Constitutional process of, you know, our elected officials passing legislation.  Wu insisted the Barack Obama Administration MUST bypass Congress and the Constitution – and unilaterally jam it through.

Speaking of crazy conspiracy theories….  Sadly, this is DC – where crazy conspiracy theories are given life and license.

In 2016, the Obama FCC (Federal Communications Commission) did as Wu (and Obama his own self) demanded – it jammed through Net Neutrality.  Massive new regulations shoved down upon us in unilateral fashion – just the sort of thing We the People had already come to loathe.

A decision and a delivery – that greatly contributed to our decision to elect deregulation-promising Trump to succeed Obama.

The Media – completely expectedly – immediately began freaking out.

Trump Sets Sights On Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality Is Trump’s Next Target

Net Neutrality: Trump’s Next Battlefield

Trump’s F.C.C. Pick Quickly Targets Net Neutrality Rules

This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality

My advice for Trump and his FCC – is exactly what my advice always is for conservatives and Republicans.  Do what is right – what you know needs to be done.

Because it’s right, because it needs to be done – the Fake Media will hate it.

Do it anyway.  And do it – while ignoring entirely the Fake Media.

Thankfully, the Fake Media’s decades of delusion and dishonesty – combined with a World Wide Web’s worth of alternative, Real News sources – lessens every day the Fake Media’s reach and influence.

Thus rendering it ever easier and easier – to do what’s right, what needs to be done.

So let’s do it….

This first appeared in NewsBusters and Red State.

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