VIDEO: Like Gruber’s ObamaCare, the Net Neutrality They’re Selling Isn’t the One They’ll Foist Upon Us

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Unless you only get your news via the Jurassic Press – or you are a government school victim who as a result doesn’t pay attention to anything at all – you are now intimately familiar with the on-camera stylings of Jonathan Gruber.

Gruber is a college professor, and virulently anti-Americanplease pardon the redundancy. He teaches alleged Economics at the allegedly esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – when he’s not gleaning nearly $6 million in consulting fees from the federal government.

And he is a primary architect of ObamaCare. From 2011:

How the White House Used Gruber’s Work to Create Appearance of Broad Consensus

The videos now serially surfacing show Gruber his own self detailing what a scam ObamaCare is – and how it had to be a scam because we Americans are too stupid to recognize its greatness.

Gruber’s rants are in fact about much more than ObamaCare – they are a window into the warped minds and dark hearts of most on the Left. Certainly the elite, elitist Leftists who want to lord over us.

Of course Gruber is just one of the very many Leftists who lied to drag the hulking, festooned ObamaCare carcass across the finish line. Even the ridiculously biased Politifact had to begrudgingly admit that President Barack Obama told the:

Lie of the Year: ‘If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It’

Of course ObamaCare is just one of the very many Leftist policies about which Leftists have to lie to foist them upon us. For instance, there’s Network Neutrality. What the Left is selling us is not what will arrive upon delivery.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been roundly ridiculed and dismissed – by all these same alleged geniuses – for Tweeting:

We’ve been making the same comparison for years. Actually, about President Obama’s first Court-unanimously-overturned-imposition-attempt – in 2010 – we noted:

Net Neutrality Power Grab Is Worse than ObamaCare

There are a lot of similarities between the nine-month-long shove of ObamaCare across the legislative finish line and the four-plus year Media Marxist push to the December 21st 3-2 Democrat Party-line Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote to impose Network Neutrality….

As unpopular as ObamaCare was – and is still – at least those who foisted it upon us did so via the legislative process in the People’s Congress. Officials elected by you and me decided – against our expressed wishes – to pass it. And we had the subsequent opportunity to throw them out – which…we did in record numbers.

The same cannot be said about the route traveled to the imposition of Net Neutrality….

…(I)t was an FCC vote on unilateral regulation – not a Congressional vote on legislation. The FCC cannot legitimately regulate anything unless and until Congress writes a law making it so – and Congress has not done so with regard to the Internet and Net Neutrality.

And FCC Commissioners are not elected, which means we have no direct way of redressing our grievances when they vote themselves new authoritarian powers.

There are in fact a lot of similarities between ObamaCare and Net Neutrality.

The Left complains ObamaCare’s ongoing, growing unpopularity isn’t a result of its terrible-ness – it’s because of bad messaging.

Marketing is Causing ObamaCare’s Problems

And Net Neutrality?

Seven Design Firms Give ‘Net Neutrality’ a Makeover

We already know Gruber helped build a false ObamaCare consensus – including by being a $400,000 government ObamaCare client while providing “independent”positive analysis in the media and elsewhere. And oh look – more fabrications:

ObamaCare Facebook Page Comments Mostly from Small Group of Supporters

And Net Neutrality?

The FCC Received 3.7 Million Net Neutrality Comments

Only 1 Percent of FCC Comments Oppose Net Neutrality

Except that’s not even close to true.

808,363 Americans Tell the FCC: ‘Do Not Regulate the Internet

And that’s just from one organization. Many, many others delivered similar comments.

Even more false messaging nonsense:

Conservatives Overwhelmingly Back Net Neutrality, Poll Finds

(A)ccording to a poll released today by the Internet Freedom Business Alliance (IFBA), a pro-net neutrality association of businesses, Republicans and conservatives outside of Washington D.C., seem to think that the idea of net neutrality is actually a pretty good one.

Some 83% of voters who self-identified as “very conservativewere concerned about the possibility of ISPs having the power to “influence contentonline. Only 17% reported being unconcerned.

Except that “concern” has never, ever actually happened. Even the Left begrudgingly admits no Internet Service Provider (ISP) has ever blocked anyone from anything. They could have just as easily asked “How very concerned are you about being gored by a unicorn?”

Similarly, 83% of self-identified conservatives thought that Congress should take action to ensure that cable companies do not “monopolize the Internetor “reduce the inherent equality of the Internetby charging some content companies for speedier access.

They want this unicorn-goring-protection done – by Congress. Again, not by three unelected Democrat FCC bureaucrats – which is what the President has demanded, and is about to happen.

In fact:

61% Oppose Federal Regulation of the Internet

The biggest similarity between ObamaCare and Net Neutrality? The Left’s ultimate desired – and unstated – outcome.

ObamaCare is designed to drive out private insurance providers – to be replaced by government.

ObamaCare Shunts My Patients Into Medicaid

Knocked out of private insurance, they are forced to settle for longer waits and worse care.

Net Neutrality is designed to drive out private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – to be replaced by government. How do we know this? Oh look – another (avowed Marxist) college professor:

“…(T)he battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.


Stimulus Bill Includes $7.2 Billion for (Government) Broadband

Video: The FCC’s Plan To Steamroll State Laws Against Government Broadband

In fact, who invented the concept of Net Neutrality? Another college professor.

So who is correct on the ObamaCare-Net Neutrality comparison? Senator Cruz and us free marketeers – or the perpetually lying Left?

The Left that lied incessantly about what ObamaCare would do to us – and now wants us to trust what they say their Net Neutrality will do.

The accompanying video describes what Net Neutrality means – as the Huge Government crowd intends to impose it.

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in Human Events.

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