Videos: Guy Who Convinced Obama to Dramatically Ramp Up Internet Power Grab Is an Uber-Boob

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‘Save the Internet’ – From This Guy

Tomorrow’s Barack Obama Administration Internet unilateral uber-power grab is larger, worse and more heinous than it was just four months ago.

That is because Obama-campaign-cash-bundling Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has knuckled under to the President’s November demand to ramp it WAY up.

What preceded President Obama’s November demand? This:

In a lucky coincidence, Tumblr Chief Executive David Karp , who attended the meeting in New York, found himself seated next to Mr. Obama at a fundraiser the following day hosted by investment manager Deven Parekh.

Mr. Karp told Mr. Obama about his concerns with the net-neutrality plan backed by Mr. Wheeler, according to people familiar with the conversation. Those objections were relayed to the White House aides secretly working on an alternative.

The lynchpin to this even-more-ginormous power grab – was Karp. Who yesterday appeared on CNBC to discuss what he had wrought.

Karp clearly has no idea what is happening. He clearly has no idea what Net Neutrality really means. He clearly has no idea what President Obama’s FCC will do tomorrow. He clearly has no idea how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do what they do. He clearly has no idea how just about anything on the Web happens.

Tumblr CEO David Karp is clearly an uber-boob.

Here is twenty-seven seconds of profound befuddlement.

But please – watch the entire 8:17.

It is amazing that this guy could build a site as big as Tumblr. It’s amazing he could tie his shoes and make his way out the door and through the world.

It’s amazing the President was almost singularly swayed – by this guy.

We weep for our future. Certainly the next two years.

Editor’s Note: This first appeared in Red State.

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