Wednesday’s Leftist Whine Fest: If You Pay Them, All Greed is Forgiven

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Wednesday brings us yet another ridiculous Left protest against President Donald Trump and his reasonable, rational, less government agenda.

This tiny, goofy gaggle has dubbed this particular bit of inanity a “Day of Action.” (Though given the huge government, debilitating policies they promote – “Day of Traction” is far more accurate.)

As we chronicled last week, this particular Day of Nonsense is the organizational effort of radical, terrorist-loving, self-described “queer activist singer/songwriter, organizer, parent, speaker, and workshop facilitator” Evan Greer.

Why any company or media outlet would want to be in any way a proponent of this anti-American man and his radical plan – is light years beyond us.

Greer is in charge of rallying to keep in place a Barack Obama Administration uber-huge Internet power grab. They unilaterally imposed a 1934 landline telephone regulatory regime – so as to then impose the ridiculous Network Neutrality.

A brief reminder of what Net Neutrality is – from avowed Marxist and college professor (please pardon the redundancy) Robert McChesney: “(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

How very Venezuela of them. But back to Greer and his Wednesday effort.

How Does a Community Internet Organizer Work?

In this case, he works like this: Giant Silicon Valley companies trying to protect their crony government giveaways. And to do that, they hand millions of dollars to terrorist-tarian Greer – and a small coterie of Marxist organizations.

Marxist organizations like Free Press (which the aforementioned prof McChesney co-founded). They just sent me a whiplash-inducing confusion and hypocrisy-inducing email. Which begins: “The Trump administration, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and greedy corporations have banded together to kill real Net Neutrality.”

“Greedy corporations?” Let’s take but a little look at the who’s who of Silicon Valley sponsoring Free Press and Greer’s Day of Freaks. There’s Amazon ($468 billion market cap). And Google ($643 billion). And Facebook ($439 billion).

(It’s the participation of these huge Web companies that makes Wednesday’s tiny effort look MUCH larger than it actually is.)

I’m sure there isn’t a greedy bone in the Valley’s combined multi-trillion-dollar bodies. It would appear “greedy corporation” – is determined by whether or not you cut the Left checks.

Over here in Reality, these corporations are in fact actually greedy. Shocker, I know. And their multi-million gifts to these clowns – is Exhibit A thereof. They are spending millions defending Net Neutrality – because it is for them a government-crony gift of nigh incalculable proportions.

These companies use a TON of Internet bandwidth. Google (with YouTube) and Netflix (another Day of Traction sponsor) – all by themselves – consume more than half of all it in the United States. And Net Neutrality – prevents them from being charged for it.

But this bandwidth costs a LOT of money. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who build it – need to get paid for it. And if government’s Net Neutrality says they can’t charge the bandwidth hogs – the only people left to charge…is us. We pay much higher connection charges – to augment the profits of Google and Facebook, Amazon and Netflix.

Why, that sounds…exceedingly greedy of these Valley corporations.

And when government gets crony-involved – Thomas Sowell’s definition of greed becomes exceedingly germane: “I have never understood why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you have earned – but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.”

These giant Valley corporations don’t want to spend the money. And they are perfectly happy to have government, via Net Neutrality, make you pay oh-so-much-more of yours – so they can spend less of theirs. The very Sowell-esque definition of greed.

ISPs simply want to be paid for the services they provide – in relative proportion to the amount of services consumed. And not have government dictate otherwise.

Google and Netflix use a little more bandwidth than do you and I. So Reality would dictate they should pay a little more. Net Neutrality dictates that they pay not a dime – and that we pay for them.

To ensure that the Net Neutrality inanity continue, these Valley corporations are willing to dump millions into Wednesday’s Greer-Free Press Freak Show. To save them tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars per annum they would – without Net Neutrality cronyism – have to pay for the services ISPs render them.

Oh – and before we leave you, let us introduce one more tiny faction of this tiny faction.

Porn Companies Join The Fight For Net Neutrality

Another very reasonable thing Net Neutrality bizarrely bans – is paid prioritization. Where you can pay more for faster, better and/or dedicated service – like you do in every other sector of the economy.

You can buy First Class postage – or overnight delivery. You can buy a plane seat in Coach – or First Class. And on, and on, and….

If we outlaw Web paid prioritization, we lose amazing human achievement advances like remote surgery. Where doctors can repair humans – without being within ten thousand miles of them. Robots cut – at the Internet-connected direction of distant physicians. Doctors Without Borders – reimagined beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

But this requires a dedicated Internet connection – fast as heck and assuredly uninterrupted. You don’t want a surgeon’s view inside a patient – to begin buffering. That would be no bueno.

Net Neutrality mandates that “bits are bits” – that ALL of them must be treated exactly the same. So the surgeon’s connection – is thrown into the same bandwidth pool with EVERYTHING else. Including the porn sites – plying their wares. No differentiation allowed.

Why, that sounds…exceedingly greedy of these porn corporations. And really terrible for the hopes of remote patients everywhere.

But the porn corporations are on the Greer-Free Press Freak Show bandwagon – so all their greed is forgiven too.

Because in the Left’s Anti-Reality World, all bits should be equal – but acts of avarice are not.

Centuries ago, the Catholic Church allowed you to pay indulgences. You cut the Church a check – and your sins were forgiven.

The Catholic Church has evolved. The Left has not.

They can’t. It’s the only way they can afford to continue to exist.

This first appeared in Townhall and Red State.

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