When the Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime – and Isn’t Even a Punishment

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
So Build a Bigger Jail

We the People are inordinately tired of watching criminal wrongdoing go unpunished.

It is a large part of what we understood – and what then-presidential candidate Donald Trump meant – when Trump politically coined the term “Drain the Swamp.”  Oft when Trump delivered this particular catch phrase – the crowd responded with “Lock Her Up.”

The “her” – being Trump’s opponent, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.  A quintessential Swamp Creature.  Who has spent an inordinate amount of her adult life – in Swamp Creature fashion – breaking the law.  And none of her adult life – being punished for having spent an inordinate amount of her adult life breaking the law.  Also very Swamp Creature.

We the People find quite disquieting a world where bad deeds go unpunished.

Bad deeds unpunished – is unfair.  Not “unfair” in the fake Leftist sense.  We the People understand, for example, the children of billionaires oft have things easier than do the rest of us.  That isn’t “unfair” – it’s Reality.  And most of us are cool with Reality.

But We the People – mostly play by the rules.  And we understand if we don’t – we get punished.  In fact, we want rule breakers to be punished.  It’s fair – and good for where and how we live.

Locking up bad guys – protects us from them continuing to be bad guys.  It serves as a visual aide to prospective bad guys – if you do become bad guys…you too will go away.

And perhaps most important: It shows that at least in one important way – things are right with the world.  It puts us a little more at ease.  Things feel right – when those who don’t do right are punished.

Call it cosmic justice.  Call it enforced karma.  What it is – is protecting sanity.  Of all sorts.

The Swamp is filled to overflowing with people breaking laws – and getting away with it.  The bigger and richer you are – the better your chances of dodging the consequences of your bad actions.

And lest we forget – there are equivalent Swamps…all over the world.  Think the United Nations (UN) is a bastion of punishments-fitting-the-crimes?  Think the European Union (EU) is?

We’ll pause until your uproarious laughter subsides….

And even when a Swamp Creature somewhere accidentally swerves into being found “guilty” – the consequences are nigh always a joke.  The bad deeds are acknowledged – but still go unpunished.  Also quite unsatisfying.  To wit:

Judge Won’t Ban iPhones Despite Apple Infringing on Qualcomm Patents

Get that?  Apple is MASS stealing from Qualcomm.  And the International Trade Commission (ITC) – just said Apple is MASS stealing from Qualcomm… but is doing NOTHING to halt the ongoing, rolling heist.

And when we say Apple is MASS stealing from Qualcomm – we absolutely mean it.

Apple in fact stopped paying Qualcomm for Qualcomm’s patents – in April 2017.  That’s nineteen months ago – and counting.  So long ago, Apple has since introduced two entirely new iPhones – and sold tens of millions of them.

Apple has – since their MASS heist began – globally sold hundreds of millions of phones and tablets.  Each and every one containing Qualcomm’s property – stolen by Apple.

Apple Gets to $1 Trillion – Trafficking in Goods They’ve Stolen

Speaking of market caps:

Apple (market cap: $1.1 trillion)

Qualcomm (market cap: $103 billion)

Apple is ten times larger than Qualcomm.  Any wonder Apple wins the ridiculous crony-fest that is an ITC Swamp Fight?  Even when they “lose?”

This ITC ruling is patently (SWIDT?) absurd.

Imagine someone steals a stockpile of televisions from the world’s largest warehouse.  And is then caught red-handed selling the televisions he stole.

He is taken to court.  The court finds him guilty of stealing the TVs – but says he can continue to sell them.

This is INSANE.

It is decidedly unfair.

It is yet another disquieting, enraging extrusion from yet another fetid backwater of the global Swamp.

Where no bad deed goes punished.

This first appeared in Red State.

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