Net Neutralized – by Government: Iran’s Mullahs Kill the Web

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In what could be called The Green Revolution 2.0 – 1.0 took place in 2009 – Iran’s abused and suffering citizenry has again taken to the streets to protest their awful totalitarian mullah-ocracy.

And Iran’s awful totalitarian government did what governments everywhere these days do when their rabble are roused – it killed the Internet.

Iran Is Blocking the Internet to Shut Down Protests: “As protests over economic instability and government censorship persist in Iran, the Hassan Rouhani government has reportedly wielded its favorite suppression tactic: blocking the internet.”

Again, it ain’t just Iran’s awful totalitarian government that likes to kill the Internet. Governments the world over are big fans of shutting down the World Wide Web.

China’s Scary Lesson to the World: Censoring the Internet Works

North Korea’s Internet, Like The Country, Is Cut Off From The World

Saudi Arabia Leads Arab Regimes in Internet Censorship

And on, and on, and….

Yet again – these are governments killing the Internet. It is not their private sector Internet Service Providers (ISPs) doing the killing. It ain’t their Comcasts and Verizons, Time Warners and AT&Ts. It’s their governments.

Private sector ISPs – want to get paid. And if they kill your Internet – you won’t pay. So the ISPs won’t kill your Internet.

Governments have other interests and incentives – and they’ve proven time and again they will kill the Internet to advance them. Besides, you have to pay them even when they kill the Internet – you’ve heard of taxes, yes?

President Donald Trump made Twitter note of Iran’s government killing the Internet.

Seton Motley | Red State |

You remember President Trump. He’s the guy the mindless, screeching Left have very repeatedly – and again very recently – accused of wanting to kill the Internet. And then of actually killing it.

Before his election:

Donald Trump Wants to Ban the Internet

Donald Trump Wants to Shut Off the Internet

The Law That Could Allow Trump To Shut Down The US Internet

And after his election:

Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill a Free and Open Internet

Trump’s FCC Bids Farewell to the Internet as We Know It

Trump FCC Would Close Internet with Revocation of Net Neutrality

Ahh…Net Neutrality. The fairy tale the Left concocted – to engender support for a massive increase in the government’s ability to lord over the Internet.

Net Neutrality was the lie the Barack Obama Administration told in 2015 – to disguise its unilateral imposition of massive government on the Web.

The kind of massive government on the Web – we’re now seeing in Iran. And China. And North Korea. And Saudi Arabia. And….

The kind of massive government on the Web that allows the government to kill the Internet – as we’re now seeing in Iran. And China. And North Korea. And Saudi Arabia. And….

Trump and his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – undid Obama’s massive government expansion.

Resulting in the government having much less power over the Web. And thereby rendering the government much less able to kill the Internet.

But the Left…has spent the last two-plus years accusing Trump of wanting to kill the Internet. And with his rollback of the massive government imposition advanced under the guise of Net Neutrality – of actually killing it.

As with just about everything Left – this makes absolutely no sense.

If Trump wants to kill the Internet – why in his first year in office did he hand back the Internet-killing government tools the Obama Administration handed him?

A government-reducing move – on which Trump campaigned for the office he now holds. All while the Left was screeching about him wanting to kill the Internet.

What Trump did by undoing Obama’s Net Neutrality lie – is make our government exponentially less able to do what governments the world over are doing. Which is killing the Internet.

Which is exactly what the Left claims they want.

Yet they are excoriating Trump for making it happen.

The Left remains deeply confused – and steadfastly impervious to facts and Reality.

This first appeared in Red State.

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