Trump’s Hugely Successful Trade Approach – Should Be Applied to Farm Commodities

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‘Are We There Yet?’

There is a whole lot of good going on in Donald Trump’s America. If you’re relying upon the traditional, ridiculous media – you don’t know about any of it.

If you’re relying upon the traditional, ridiculous media – you are eminently informed about Independent Counsel Robert Mueller’s in-depth investigation into the Trump campaign’s extensive collusion with Russia.

Except there remains zero evidence of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia. And Counsel Mueller is anything but independent. His team is packed to the rafters with Leftist hacks who repeatedly broke the law to cover up Hillary Clinton’s repeated lawbreaking – and ginned up investigatory “insurance policies” to deal with a prospective Trump presidential win.

That ongoing, rolling year-plus #FakeNews barrage – has served to allow the traditional, ridiculous media to avoid reporting all sorts of very positive things that would reflect very well upon Trump and his Administration.

For instance: Two of the media’s biggest “Geniuses” – Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman and former Obama Administration advisor Steve Rattner – had some cataclysmic predictions should we suffer a Trump victory.

Rattner: “If Trump wins, you will see a market crash of historic proportions.”

Krugman: “It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?….If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”

How is the Trump market doing?

Dow Posts 70th Record Close of 2017

Just in case you were unsure – that is a 70th record HIGH close. The Dow was at around 18,000 on Election Day. It closed yesterday at 24,742.88. That’s a 25+% bump – since “Genius” Rattner predicted a collapse – from which “Genius” Krugman said we would never recover.

For instance: The Trump-preceding Barack Obama Administration never had even a single year of even 3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.

We were told by all sorts of Obama Administration officials that this anemic, pathetic sluggishness was “the new normal.”

How is the Trump economy doing (virtually free from any Congressional assistance)?

US 2Q GDP Growth Revised Up to 3.1 Percent

3Q GDP Revised Upward to Higher than Expected 3.3%

Atlanta Fed GDPNow Estimate…Rises to 3.3% for 4Q Growth

Want to bet we exceed that 3.3% – and then have it revised upward after that?

While Wall Street parties – how is Main Street reacting?

U.S. Consumer Confidence Just Hit Its Highest Level in Almost 17 Years

Main Street appears ready to party too.

Oh – and Congress is about to join the party with massive tax cuts and reform.

Merry Christmas, All.

One of the key components of Trump’s restoration of actual economic activity – is what we’re calling Trump Trade.

The bipartisan DC consensus for decades was a…very warped definition of “free trade.”

In which we removed nigh all government impediments to our market for every other country on the planet – while every other country on the planet was allowed to emplace as many government impediments to their markets as they wanted.

Combine this inane interpretation of “free trade” with really high taxes, a ridiculously complicated tax code and $2-trlliion-per-year in regulations – and stir and simmer for decades – and you get our ridiculously inert economy.

Trump’s repeated denunciations of “trade deficits” – was shorthand for this toxic stew of stupidity. With which we drove millions and millions of jobs out of the country. Which resulted in us purchasing trillions of dollars more from elsewhere – than elsewhere purchased from here.

Has the media totally misunderstood and missed Trump Trade? Is the Pope Catholic? (Well, maybe not this one – but usually?)

The media is completely in the tank with DC’s fraudulent definition of “free trade.” And have been beating Trump over the head with it since he first announced he’d run.

Because they remain incapable of realizing that Trump Trade – is actual, actually free trade.

What Trump…Get(s) Wrong About Free Trade

Donald Trump Targets Globalization and Free Trade

Trump Targets Free Trade

Trump’s Free Trade Retreat

Trump Gets the Trade Problem All Wrong

Throughout Trump’s first year in office, the media remained bewildered by what Trump was doing.

Donald Trump Starts a Trade War

Donald Trump Vows to Rip Up Trade Deals

Trump Threatens to Scrap NAFTA

Trump Again Threatens Massive Tariffs

How Donald Trump is Negotiating Like a Hostage-Taker

What the media entirely misses?

Has Trump actually ripped up any trade deals (outside of the indeed-truly-awful Trans-Pacific Partnership – which deserved immediate shredding)?

Has Trump actually scrapped NAFTA?

Has Trump actually imposed massive tariffs?

The answer to all of these questions – is no. This is Trump negotiating – “like a hostage taker” if you like.

Trump is threatening more government on our side – to get other countries to give us less government on their side.

Because their losing access to our market – is WAY more of a threat than our losing access to theirs.

We are far-and-away the biggest economy on the planet. And we’ve for decades been negotiating like we’re Tuvalu.

Trump thinks this was titanically stupid. Trump…is correct.

Trump thinks this will work on the global market. Trump…is correct.

And the media…still doesn’t get even close to getting it.

World Trade Boom Sails Into 2018 as Trump Threatens Barriers

Now, there were at least a few of these Trump-esque actual free traders in existence – back when Trump was still a businessman and TV host. <Author raises hand.>

We were such proponents in all things trade – and often focused on getting less government on all things farm commodity.

It’s Time for ‘Zero for Zero’ Farm Subsidies – July 31, 2013

Oh: And reducing government on all sides of the global farm trade market bore us the prospect of an additional domestic policy win – killing the dreaded Farm Bill.

Farm Bill: After Three Failed Decades of No Reform, Isn’t it Time to Try A Different Approach? – June 18, 2013

Because just like with everything else trade Trump is doing – less government on farm stuffs from everyone else, allows for less government on farm stuffs from us.

On farm trade, our government – is embodied in the dreaded Farm Bill.

We negotiate away their farm government – we can drop more and more of our Farm Bill.

Until there’s no government left on theirs – and no Farm Bill left on ours.

Win – win – WIN.

All we ask of President Trump – is that he please add farm commodities to his slate of excellent trade negotiations.

It’s working everywhere else. It will work here too.

This first appeared in Red State.

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