Good News for America and Americans – Is Gaslight-Requiring Bad News for Leftists

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Leftism – Hopefully Not Catching

This has been an absolute truth for at least the last half century:

If something is good for America and Americans – it is bad for Leftists.

The Left is in the misery business.

In order for the Left to achieve and hold on to power – things must be awful.  Or they must lie – and say things are awful when they are not.

To foster this latter massive falsehood – Leftists concoct many less-massive falsehoods.

We import more than a million foreigners per year – yet the Left screeches we are a racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant nation.

We just finished two terms of a black president – yet the Left screeches we are in times worse than the days of Jim Crow.

We just had a very impressive 3.2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) first quarter.  A continued, massive economic expansion – in the face of widespread “expert” predictions of a looming recession.

Unemployment is at a near record low.  Speaking of “racism” – Black and Hispanic unemployment is at their lowest respective rates…since we began recording such numbers.

Wages are increasing at rates significantly greater than they have at any point during the preceding half century.

The Donald Trump Economy – is roaring.

Unfortunately for the twenty Democrat presidential candidates (so far) – they have to run against it.  So they have to pretend the very may significant improvements upon the Democrat Barack Obama Economy – aren’t actually happening.

Should the Trump Economy continue roaring as we head into the 2020 election – we will be subjected to the biggest Media-Left (please pardon the redundancy) gaslighting in the history of gaslighting:

“(A) form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.

“Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief.”

If you want a less esoteric explanation – I give you the Marx Brothers:

“Well, who you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?”

Sometimes things are so antithetical to the Left’s lies – they simply can not continue lying after the fact.

I give you – the Internet.  And the very many lies the Left tells about Network Neutrality.

Disingenuously in its name, the Obama Administration in 2015 unilaterally imposed 1934 landline telephone law upon the Internet.

In 2017, the Trump Administration prepared to undo this titanic stupidity.  And the Media-Left – went completely insane in their attempts to set up the gaslighting.

Donald Trump Plans Total Repeal of Net Neutrality Law that Keeps the Internet Free

The FCC Is Trying To Destroy The Internet

Trump’s FCC Wants to Kill a Free and Open Internet

Under Trump, Dark Days Ahead for Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

FCC Under Trump: Net Neutrality & Internet Freedom Face New Attack

The Grim Future of the Open Internet Under Trump

Will Donald Trump Dismantle the Internet as We Know It?

This Is the Year Donald Trump Kills Net Neutrality

Trump’s FCC Is About to Destroy Net Neutrality

If Portugal is a Net Neutrality Nightmare, We’re Already Living in It

If Trump’s FCC Repeals Net Neutrality, Elites Will Rule the Internet—and the Future

How Trump Plans To Slow Our Internet To A Crawl

Get Set: Your Internet Bill is about to Soar, Thanks to Trump’s FCC

Gutting Net Neutrality Is the Trump Administration’s Most Brutal Blow to Democracy Yet

Under Trump the Future of Net Neutrality and Broadband is Uncertain

Except the Trump Administration undid the Obama power and grab, and….nothing bad happened.  NONE of the very many negatives above – transpired.  The Internet after – was identical to the Internet before.

Oh – except private sector investment in the Internet shot back up to pre-Obama-power-grab levels…and beyond.  And as investment increased – Internet speeds increased.

All very good things for America and Americans.  All very bad things for the Media-Left.

The post-Trump-freedom-restoration Internet has been so outstanding – even the Media-Left’s massive mendacity…was exceeded by reality.

As dishonest as they are – they couldn’t bring themselves to try to lie about what is actually happening.

Except here comes another opportunity for the Media-Left to drum up one of their oldie-but-goodie lies – the “Internet fast lane.”

Cox Cable Testing a Form of ‘Fast Lane’ Internet For Gamers

And just like with everything else – this development is good news for America and Americans.  Which means it’s bad news for Leftists.

That phrase “fast lane” – is itself a misrepresentation of how the Internet actually works.  And the Left makes up the phrase “fast lane” – so as to then lie and say we’ll all be consigned to a made up “slow lane.”

After Net Neutrality, Brace for Internet ‘Fast Lanes’:

“Now that federal telecom regulators have repealed net neutrality, it may be time to brace for the arrival of internet ‘fast lanes’ and ‘slow lanes.’

Net Neutrality’s Repeal Means Fast Lanes Could Be Coming to the Internet. Is That a Good Thing?:

“The concept, known as paid prioritization, involves a telecommunications company charging an additional fee to transport a video stream or other content at a higher speed through its network.”

“Paid prioritization” – exists…everywhere else on Planet Earth:

“(T)he examples of private sector ‘paid prioritization’ ‘fast lanes’ – are nigh endless. Let’s examine just one.

“When you send a letter or package – are you limited to one delivery speed? Of course not.

“To chose but one private sector provider at random:

“UPS offers seven different delivery options: UPS Next Day Air Early, UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, UPS 2nd Day Air A.M., UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Select and UPS Ground.

“Heck, the government post office offers five different delivery options – right there on its government website.

“These are all variations of ‘paid prioritization’ ‘fast lanes.’ And no one is demanding the government ban them – because anyone who would do so would look titanically stupid.”

And guess what?  The Left only wants to ban “fast lanes” – for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The much-more-massive, massive-bandwidth-hog Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook – who shovel lots and LOTS of money to the Left?  They not only can have “fast lanes” – they already do:

(T)here are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of them – and they have for years and years been an intrinsic part of the World Wide Web.

“Behold the Content Delivery Network (CDN): ‘(A) geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to distribute service spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance….

“‘CDNs are a layer in the internet ecosystem. Content owners such as media companies and e-commerce vendors pay CDN operators to deliver their content to their end users. In turn, a CDN pays ISPs, carriers, and network operators for hosting its servers in their data centers.’

“Get all the facets of this particular Leftist lie?

“‘Fast lanes’ – aren’t actually fast lanes. And they are nothing new. They have nigh always been intrinsically woven into the Internet fabric.

“And the Left only wants to ban the practice for their political enemies – while allowing their political cronies to continue to build and use them unabated. Enjoy some cronyism with your delusion.”

Per the gamers: They use a LOT of bandwidth when they play other gamers online.  And they are very much concerned with “latency”:

“Latency = delay. It’s the amount of delay (or time) it takes to send information from one point to the next. Latency is usually measured in milliseconds or ms. It’s also referred to (during speed tests) as a ping rate.”

Latency is the amount of time between a gamer hitting a controller button – and the computer recognizing and executing his push of said button.  Longer latency – gets you killed or beaten.  Thus, gamers are incessantly obsessing about latency.

And yet again, the marketplace – is trying to accommodate.

Cox Cable Testing a Form of ‘Fast Lane’ Internet For Gamers

Ok – let’s use the Left’s disingenuous terminology.  To demonstrate how incredibly stupid the Left’s objections are.

Giving gamers their own “lane” – gets them off the “main roads” with all the additional traffic slowing them down.  Less traffic – less latency.  Good for gamers.

And getting gamers off the “main roads” – is better for everyone else.  Because those massive bandwidth hogs – won’t be hogging the “main roads’” bandwidth.  Leaving much more for the rest of us.

Charging bandwidth hog gamers a little more for all the bandwidth they’re hogging – is only fair.  You pay more at the grocery store for fifty steaks – than you do for five.

Which, by the way, ends our subsidizing gamers’ bandwidth hogging.

And a whole lot of that additional money – will be invested in ever-improving the networks we all use.

All of which – is nothing more than the creation of more CDNs.

Which have existed for decades – and already exist in the millions.

All of which is very good for America and Americans.

But very bad for the Net Neutrality-fetishizing, anti-free market, gaslighting Left.

This first appeared in Red State.

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