Rep. Coffman: It’s Always Disappointing When A Republican Falls for Leftist Lies

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
Indeed It Is

The Tech World is decidedly Leftist.  Do not let them pretend they are anything else or other.

So of course the Tech World was all agog last week – thrilled with the news that a House Republican had caved to their ridiculous push for the ridiculous huge government Internet  power grab known as Network Neutrality.

Net Neutrality – is Socialism for the Internet.  It guarantees everyone equal amounts of nothing.  But don’t take my word for it – here’s an avowed Marxist who is one of Net Neutrality’s biggest backers:

“(T)he ultimate goal (of Net Neutrality) is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

How very Venezuela of them.

The Tech World also loves Net Neutrality – because it is huge government cronyism for some really huge Tech World members.

Under Net Neutrality’s oppressive regime, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are prohibited by government from charging huge companies with giant bandwidth usages – like Google and Netflix, who together use half of all US data – anything whatsoever for said hog-age.

So we average Internet users will pay dramatically more for our Internet service – to subsidize the massive profits of the likes of Google and Netflix.

The question is: Why would a Republican – or anyone claiming to be for less government and equal treatment before the law – back the Left’s push for Net Neutrality?

And to do it: Unlawfully apply an existing law written to remove regulations – to reimpose regulations?

House Republican Sides with Democrats to Save Net Neutrality:

“Rep. Mike Coffman from Colorado has become the first Republican in the House to join Democrats in the effort to save the Obama-era 2015 net neutrality rules.

“On Tuesday, Coffman told the website Politico that he plans to support the Congressional Review Act resolution drafted by Democrats, which aims to save rules the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission rolled back in December.”

What is the Congressional Review Act (CRA)?:

“The law empowers Congress to review, by means of an expedited legislative process, new federal regulations issued by government agencies and, by passage of a joint resolution, to overrule a regulation.”

Get that?  The CRA exists to remove regulations – not reimpose them.  Coffman is joining Democrats on a CRA resolution – that violates the CRA.

And Coffman is joining with Democrats – to illegally reimpose a really bad idea.  Because make no mistake – Net Neutrality is a really bad idea.

The Tech World was thrilled.  With the Republican joining Democrats’ Net Neutrality inanity.  With his endorsement of the illegal abuse of the CRA to do it.  With all of it.

‘The Dam Is Breaking,’ Declare Net Neutrality Defenders After First House Republican Backs CRA

First GOP Congressman Signs onto Net Neutrality Bill

First House Republican Backs Effort To Restore Net Neutrality

First House Republican Moves to Restore Net Neutrality

FCC Critics Hail Republican Rep. Coffman’s CRA Support

Public Knowledge Applauds Rep. Coffman for Defending Net Neutrality

Free Press Action Fund Hails Rep. Coffman Pledge to Sign Discharge Petition for Net Neutrality CRA

And on, and on, and….

Here’s yet another thing the Left won’t tell you:

“The Media-Left…spent the next decade-plus trying to get Net Neutrality imposed. To no avail…until the Obama Administration unilaterally did it twice. Once in 2010 – only to have it dumped by the courts. And again in 2015 – only to have it undone by the Trump Administration….

“Net Neutrality…was in place for just over twelve months.

“Get that? One year with Net Neutrality – preceded by two-plus decades without it.

“So we are today returning to a (Net Neutrality-free) Internet status quo – that has been the greatest success story in the history of humanity.

“A Net Neutrality-free status quo that allowed for the growth of the Internet from ‘What’s that?’ – to 1/6th of our entire $20 trillion economy.

“Never in the entire history of the cliche ‘If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it’ – has it been more applicable than it is here.

“But because…Net Neutrality (went) away – the Media-Left lies are being delivered in overdrive. Millions of words typed – all to put forward all sorts of hooey to yet again try to gin up support for this massive overdose of overregulation.”

Get all that?  The Internet you know – and have always known – was a Net Neutrality-free Internet.  Save for a one-year foray into Barack-Obama-Administration-imposed inanity.

So Republican Coffman isn’t restoring the Web status quo – he is radically altering it.  And setting the table for its ultimate Socialist destruction.

Again we ask: Why would a Republican – or anyone claiming to be for less government, equal treatment before the law and massive free market success – do this?

This first appeared in Red State.

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