The Anti-Kavanaugh Dumbness – A Pain that Will Be with Us for Quite Some Time

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Seton Motley | Less Government |
The Dumbness – It Hurts

The interesting cartoon “Pinky and The Brain” – was in some ways eerily prescient of today’s political scene.

Pinky and The Brain were two lab mice – experimented upon beyond all mental recognition.

Pinky was a barely functional moron.  In our politics – Pinky represents the brainless, mindless Left we saw so exquisitely on display in the weeks leading up to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Saturday confirmation as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

The Brain was (natch) a super-genius.  Quiet and staid – he represents the average right-of-center person.  The Brain is incessantly hounded and annoyed by the very hounding and annoying Pinky – just as We the People are constantly hounded and annoyed by the Left.

The cartoon parallel is by no means perfect.  Pinky is a quite pleasant idiot.  The Left are a bunch of angry, screeching, barely-humans.

And The Brain’s objective every episode was – “Try to take over the world.”  We the People simply want to be left alone to live our reasonable lives as unobtrusively as possible.

The Brain had a recurring theme-catch phrase – which aptly describes the unfortunate future We the Reasonable face with the Left.

The Brain routinely suffered great pain – as a result of Pinky’s moronic bumblings.  Realizing he was stuck with Pinky, The Brain would stare off into the distance and ruefully observe:

“This is a pain that is going to be with me for quite some time.”

We the People are stuck with the moronic Left.  It is a pain that is going to be with us for quite some time.

We will not see an ebb now that Judge Kavanaugh is Justice Kavanaugh.  Quite the contrary – things will now only get very much worse.

In fact – they already are.  The Left’s amped-up dumbness is bleeding out of the Kavanaugh hearings – into every other aspect of our lives.

Get this headline: Which I have reread a dozen times – and still can not fully grasp what its author intended to say.

Reducing Regulation Will Outweigh Net Neutrality During Kavanaugh’s First Term:

“The new Justice — 114th in the Court’s history — will take his seat on the far right side of the bench when the Court opens for business after the Columbus Day (also known as “Indigenous Peoples Day”) weekend, establishing a solid 5-4 conservative majority on the Court for the first time in decades.

“Although Kavanaugh has discussed his dissent on Network Neutrality, the Supreme Court’s agenda for the coming term now has very few cases dealing with technology, telecommunications or media. Several cases scheduled to come before the Court may produce decisions that affect these sectors though — especially the regulatory aspects. Kavanaugh’s background has spurred speculation on how he will vote, but at this point there is no way to know how the court will rule on these cases.”

So…there are hardly any tech cases coming before the Court.  They have no idea how Kavanaugh would vote if there were.  They have no idea how the Court would vote if there were.  So…there’s no point at all to this article.

Yet this Leftist…author – has written it anyway.  He’s using the Kavanaugh confirmation – as yet another opportunity to whine about Kavanaugh being rightly, reasonably opposed to the very stupid, Communist policy known as Net Neutrality.

Kavanaugh Defends Dissent in Net Neutrality Decision:

“‘It’s OK for Congress to delegate various matters to the executive agencies to do rules,” (Kavanaugh) told (Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar during his confirmation hearing).

“‘But on major questions of major economic or social significance, we expect Congress to speak clearly before such delegation, and that’s what had not happened, with my view, with respect to net neutrality and I felt bound by precedent.’”

A right and reasonable view.  That Congress – the representatives of We the People – should act first.  That way – we can un-elect them if we disagree.  Rather than unelected bureaucrats unilaterally imposing things – un-tethered to We the People or, often, Reality.

Of course – the Left loathes Kavanaugh’s reasonable rightness.

Does the Left get even dumber than this?  Is water wet?

Behold un-comedic comedienne – and most unfortunate political commentator – Sarah Silverman.  Who dumbly Tweeted the very dumb following:

“Kavanaugh believes corporations should be allowed to charge you for access to the internet.”

Ummm…yeah.  So does, well, everyone else on the planet – except for you idiot Leftists.  Nigh everyone with Internet access – pays for Internet access.

Building Internet networks – costs money.  So gaining access to those networks – costs money.

I am told there are some people somewhere who find Silverman funny.  Does she – for every show she performs, book she writes (?!?) and DVD/movie in which she appears – not charge anyone anything for access to her brilliance?

I checked Amazon – there are price tags next to each and every Silverman item.  Oops.

Some states are so far gone – they have fully ensconced and embodied the far Left dumbness.  Behold – California.

California Is Upside Down, Backwards and Incredibly Incorrect – Yet Again

California Enacts Strongest Net Neutrality Protections in the Nation

A crucial lesson we hopefully learned during the Kavanaugh confirmation process:

We MUST fight back when facing the Left’s dumbness.  Were it not for Kavanaugh’s righteously indignant opening statement – and Senator Lindsey Graham’s righteously indignant follow-up – Judge Kavanaugh would not have become Justice Kavanaugh.

Unilateral pacifism in the face of the Left’s vicious, vitriolic dumbness – has failed and fails us every time we try it.

We stand down – we lose.  We stand up – we win.

And so it is with California.  When that amount of Leftist dumbness is inflicted upon us – We the Reasonable must fight back.

(Donald) Trump Administration Sues California over Net Neutrality Law

Entire Broadband Industry Sues California to Stop Net Neutrality Law

We must each and every time fight liars – with fire.

We must each and every time fight the Left’s vicious, vitriolic dumbness.

With sanity and the rule of law – accountability and intelligence.

A lesson the Kavanaugh process – absolutely should have ingrained in all of us.

Because the Left and its amped-up, angry dumbness – is a pain that is going to be with us for quite some time.

This first appeared in Red State.

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