The NY Times Is Media’s Apex – And Their Anti-White People Tech Hire Is Wholly Emblematic

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
Anti-White People? No Problem

We have spent the last near-decade pointing out the Tech World media – is just as obnoxious and Leftist as the broader media.  A microcosm of the massive Jurassic Press – all of which has been screwing conservatives and free marketers for decades.

In fact, we have noted that over the last near-decade – a three-way merger has occurred.  Between the media, the Tech World media – and Tech World itself.

The Likes Of Google And Facebook Are Now Driving The ‘News’ Media Cart:

“Our recurring joke – that is itself a ceaselessly recurring joke – is when we mention the ‘Media-Left,’ we always follow it with ‘please pardon the redundancy.’  The Media-Left merger is now seamless.  I could hand you a New York Times article and a Daily Kos article – and you would be hard pressed to determine which is which (aside from the latter’s propensity for profanity)….

“Because the Internet has transmogrified the landscape for all things news – and ‘news.’  The benchmark of Media success is with ever-decreasing frequency subscriptions sold – and with ever-increasing frequency clicks generated.

“Thus the outrageously Left Silicon Valley has become the Media’s hub – and chief ideological demographic.   Which is why you’ve over the last several years noticed an even more maniacal bend to all things ‘news.’  When the likes of Google and Facebook dictate – bat-guano crazy is what you get.

“So very especially when a major Internet policy issue comes to the fore in a news cycle.  That, after all, is the Multi-Trillion Dollar Silicon Valley’s bread-and-butter.”

The apex of the Jurassic Press – is, of course, The New York Times.  The Grey Lady has dominated the media’s storyline…for decades.

John Stossel is now a libertarian Fox News reporter – but he began as a Leftist consumer reporter.  And he told me in Texas more than a decade ago about how he watched editors at ABC News and other joints at which he worked – tear stories out of the NY Times, hand them to reporters (including him) and say “Go do this.”

The New York Times sets the media table…for everyone.  They embody the media business…for everyone.

So the Times’ new hire last week, Sarah Jeong, was…not surprising.  That she was plucked from the symbiotic Tech World media was…also not surprising.

New York Times Stands by New Tech Writer Sarah Jeong after Racist Tweets Surface:

“The New York Times is standing by its hiring of tech writer Sarah Jeong despite several derogatory tweets of hers aimed at white people, which were recently unearthed on her Twitter account.

Seton Motley | Red State |

Seton Motley | Red State |

Seton Motley | Red State |

Seton Motley | Red State |

Seton Motley | Red State |

Jeong is a cavalcade of anti-white hatred.  Oh – shocker: She also doesn’t like Republicans a whole lot.


Seton Motley | Red State |

Seton Motley | Red State |

But wait – there’s more:

NYT’s Sarah Jeong Also Sent Anti-Cop, Anti-Men Tweets

That Jeong turned out to be an anti-white-people racist jerk was…a little surprising.  That the Times’ is standing by her and her racism is… not at all surprising.

And where has racist Jeong existed prior to the Times?:

“She (was) a senior writer for The Verge and previously served as a contributing editor for Vice’s Motherboard section.”

Tech joints – shocker.  From Tech World media – to the Jurassic Press.  Seamless.  And Jeong’s anti-white racism – is barely a hiccup.

This isn’t the Times’ first foray into racist Tech coverage.  Though their behavior last time was…decidedly different.  Because the racism recipient was different.  From…just this past February:

New York Times Hires Writer to Cover ‘Consequences of Technology,’ Fires Her for Tweets Hours Later:

“Just hours after The New York Times heralded its hire of a lead opinion writer to cover the ‘power, culture and consequences of technology’ on Tuesday, the paper fired the new scribe — citing, in an ironic twist, her past tweets….

“Even after (Quinn Norton) admitted to the Times that the job may not be a good fit and that she is ‘kind of weird,’ she wrote, ‘they kept talking to me,’ eventually leading her to take the job offer….

But when Norton’s past Tweets came to light….

“Twitter users quickly cried foul over a host of online posts they uncovered by Norton, including one in which she acknowledged she was ‘friends with various neo-nazis’ even though she ‘never agreed with them.’

“In other posts, Norton either used vulgar terms herself, or retweeted others doing so. Norton’s account once retweeted a word that was derogatory to African-Americans.”

…the Times’ response was…decidedly different:

“The Times responded to the online uproar within eight hours, claiming that this information was new to them.”

The Times canned Norton.  In less than a third of a day.

Get that?

If you’re racist against blacks – the Times immediately fires you.

If you’re racist against whites – the Times repeatedly defends you.

And speaking of the Silicon Valley-Media merger:

The Tech World Is Still Screwing Conservatives

And to yet again prove that point (as if we needed any more evidence):

Twitter Suspends Black Conservative For Changing NYT Bigot’s Tweets From ‘White’ To ‘Jewish’ And ‘Black’

Welcome to Amercia’s Brave New World.

Consume news and social media accordingly.

This first appeared in Red State.

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