We Need More Less Government Types Working with Donald Trump

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Still? Really?

We are in the Age of Donald Trump.  Which means we are saddled with a small but pernicious cabal known as Never Trump.

Never Trumpers are for the most part not Leftists.  Leftists have been Never <Fill in Name of Non-Leftist> – forever.

Never Trumpers are almost every elected Republican – in DC, and much of the nation.  Because almost every elected Republican – in DC, and much of the nation – aren’t actually for less government.

Which is yet another reason We the People delivered Trump to DC.

We tried to cordially tell DC Republicans to shape up – via the Tea Party.  DC Republicans – actively rejected the very cordial Tea Party.  So we said – have some Trump.

Of course the very real, very huge Deep State – in DC and all around the nation – vociferously opposes Trump’s efforts to tame it.

The most bizarre Never Trump contingent – is libertarians and alleged conservatives who say they want less government, while stridently opposing nigh everything President Trump is doing.

But if you say you’re for less government – opposition to Trump is, at this point, completely ridiculous.

All the people we should dislike – and for decades have – loathe Trump.

In no small part because Trump has delivered more less government – than any president since at least Calvin Coolidge.

Trump’s regulatory and tax cuts – are real.  And substantial.

Trump is delivering markedly better trade deals all over the world – by eliminating or minimizing foreign governments’ market-warping involvement via tariffs, import limits, subsidies and intellectual property theft.

And Trumpism – is working like a charm.  Record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics.  Decades-low total unemployment.  Wages are increasing for the first time in decades – and doing so substantially.

We’re hitting Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers we were just last administration told we’d never again hit.  Manufacturing jobs Trump was told he’d need a magic wand to bring back – are coming back in droves.

If you want less government – and the phenomenal results we know less government deliver – what’s your major malfunction with Trump?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) – is real.  It is distressing so many libertarians and alleged conservatives – are missing out on the most libertarian, conservative administration in a century.

Worse – Never Trumpers are still actively opposing Trump.  Most distressing.

From the outside looking in, it appears much of the Never Trump objection is to style – rather than substance.  They don’t like his demeanor, his presentation, his Tweets.  He’s not “presidential.”

The late, great Andrew Breitbart rightly noted:

“Politics is downstream from culture.”

Not upstream.  Politicians don’t lead culture – they reflect it.  Look around – Trump reflects today’s culture.

Thank God Trump reflects the half of it – that still doesn’t loathe America and love Socialism.

Thank God he represents the people who make the country work – not the people who work the country.

Never Trump’s substantive objections are tough to find – and easy to dismiss.

One noted example is their objection to Trump’s use of tariffs on the global trade market.

Never Trump opposes Trump’s tariffs – in the name of free trade and less government.  Trump uses tariffs – to deliver actual free trade and less government.

The trade deals the US for decades has cut – have been really anti-US.

Foreign governments subsidize the daylight out of their products – then dump them unimpeded into the US, killing millions of US jobs.

While we’re imposing virtually no tariffs or trade limits on them – they’re imposing huge tariffs and tiny import limits on us.

This is a lot of things.  None of it is free trade.  None of it is any good for the US.

Trump isn’t imposing tariffs – just to impose tariffs.  Trump is imposing tariffs:

  • To get these nations to the negotiating table, to then
  • Cut better-for-the-US, less government deals with these nations.

And oh look – it’s working.  It worked with Canada and Mexico.  It worked with the European Union.  And it’s well on the way to working with China.

Yet none of these successes – lessens even slightly the Never Trump mindless screeching about the “Free market!!!”

Trump’s tariffs – are a quintessential example of what we have for decades been saying:

When governments in the US and all around the world are this huge, you sometimes need a little more government – to beget a whole lot less government.

We are currently debating whether or not to spend $5 billion on a stretch of border impediment.  Which will dramatically cut into the $135+ billion we spend each and every year subsidizing illegal aliens illegally residing in the US.

That’s a little more government – to beget a whole lot less government.

The US federal budget is $4.4 trillion per year.  Our federal debt – is hurtling past $22 trillion even as we speak.

What Never Trump’s alleged less government types have been for decades trying – clearly isn’t working.

What Trump has done in two years – has exponentially exceeded Never Trump’s century of combined effort.

Perhaps he deserves a little slack on his unorthodox methods.

Another huge, looming, cataclysmic example of all this – is before us.

Big Tech companies in the Silicon Valley and beyond – are a HUGE more government problem.

Amazon (market cap: $802 billion), Microsoft ($789 billion), Google ($735 billion), Apple ($720 billion), Facebook ($413 billion), Netflix ($147 billion), Twitter ($25 billion) and many other Big Tech companies – are HUGE companies.

Just the companies we listed – hold a total market cap of $3.6 trillion.  Our entire national GDP – is $18 trillion.  These companies – are HUGE.

These HUGE companies – are run by HUGE Leftists.  These HUGE companies give HUGE donations to HUGE government types – to warp government policy to their will.  And their will – is HUGE government.

This is not a free market.  This is not capitalism.  This is crony corporatism on a massive scale – bought on the election block.

Trump’s response – is perfectly understandable.  And very reasonable.

Trump’s Looking At Antitrust For Silicon Valley ‘Very Seriously’

This is Trump yet again considering a little government – to beget a whole lot less government.

If we do on these HUGE companies just a little antitrust work – it will beget a whole lot less government.

Never Trumpers – are yet again ignoring all the evidence and facts defying them.

And are in opposition to Trump’s antitrust consideration – yet again mindlessly screeching “Free market!!!”

When what we currently have – is anything but.

Never Trump routinely brings to mind a great quote from an awful economist – John Maynard Keynes:

“When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do, sir?”

Look – I get it.  Trump is unconventional.

But Never Trump and DCs conventional wisdom – and conventional everything else – has for more than a century stunk on ice.

Let’s try something different.  Something unorthodox.

Trump has.  And thus far – it has worked like a charm.

A charm Never Trumpers haven’t for a century-plus been able to find with both hands and a map.

This first appeared in Red State.

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